Are You a Tokyo Olympics Enthusiast? Check Out These 6 Offerings from Google

Don’t just rely on your television to get the most out of the Olympics.

On the opening day of the Olympics, Google has announced a number of ways you can keep up to date and digitally participate in an Olympics-related activity.

While not all of these are entirely new (Google Search and Assistant are familiar Google products), Google is definitely eager to help you enjoy the Olympics in any way they can.

Here they are:

  1. Want to See Where Your Country Ranks?

Turn to good old Google search.

As you most certainly know, you can find the most up-to-date information on your favorite events, discover the name of that athlete who won gold, or even see the latest trends with Google Trends.

  1. Ever Heard of the Doodle Champion Island Games?

It’s Google’s largest-ever interactive Doodle game. On the Google home page, you can click the Doodle cartoon and be entered into Doodle Champion Island: a 16-bit gaming world where you can virtually compete against some of hte best athletes in a variety of sports/events. There are also many side quests and surprises.

  1. Get Updates from Official Broadcasters on YouTube and Google TV

Live events, clips, and highlights from official Olympic broadcasters will be available throughout the Games. NBCUniversal’s live coverage will be availale on YouTube TV.

There are also Olympics-related YouTube Original series (Strive, How To Olympics) and a feature-length documentary (World Debut).

  1. Ask Your Android Phone

You’re probably aware of Google Assistant, which is like Apple’s version of Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, and is likely on most newer Android phones.

Want to know who won a certain event? Just pull up your Android phone, and ask, “Hey Google, who won women’s soccer in the Olympics?”

Also, if you’re in the U.S., you can play NBC’s Sports Trivia. You guessed it: Just say, “Hey Google, play NBC Sports Trivia.”

  1. Get Apps on Google Play

You can get the official Olympics App as well as apps from associated broadcasters, news channels, and more.

  1. Google Translate, Google Arts & Culture and Street View Help You Explore Japan

Why not explore the cultural richness of the county hosting the Games?

With the above-mentoned Google products, you can take a virtual tour of most of Japan’s noteworthy locations–all without leaving your chair.

See something you can’t read? Use Google Translate to help you learn a little bit of Japanese.

So, if you’re excited for the Olympics, and find yourself waiting between events, be sure to explore these Google services.

Source: The Keyword