Bill Ward

Expert Writer For The SIA

With a background as a mechanical engineering designer for the past 40 years, Bill has always had a keen interest in marketing.

His introduction to the internet was pre WWW.  His first computer was an IBM XT clone that was assembled in the back of a butcher shop in Hong Kong!  It cost half the price of a real IBM, which was around $2000.

The operating system was loaded each session with a floppy disk. There was a dial up connection to the internet thru Compuserve.  Everything was just text. No images at all.

As technology has improved each year, we have now gotten to the point where a great deal of information across the internet is thru videos, either archived or live streamed.

SEO for YouTube Optimization

Bill’s articles will follow the application of SEO web principals to Youtube optimization in a new real estate Youtube channel started in the Spring of 2021.

Bill’s connection with Dori Friend and her SEO crew started several years ago with some online courses and then a full day of SEO Rockstars in Sacramento.