Here is a list of our SEO related courses. These trainings are from some of the best SEOs in the industry. They are opening their truck-load of money SEO secrets and sharing them with you.

Available Stand-Alone SEO Courses

Schema Course – Follow Clint Butler as he shows you everything you need to get to most out of Cora Software. He walks you through set up, how to use each feature, and things you shouldn’t miss. He gives you everything you need to step up your SEO game with the use of Cora.

Cora SEO Course – Follow Clint Butler as he shows you everything you need to get to most out of Cora Software. He walks you through set up, how to use each feature, and things you shouldn’t miss. He gives you everything you need to step up your SEO game with the use of Cora.

Beginner On-Page SEO With Dori – Learn the SIA way of setting up your site/page for maximum ranking benefit.. FAST! With basic TESTED On-Page structure and keyword placement for Maximum Results. The primary focus of this program is to give you systems so you AND YOUR OUTSOURCERS can build as close to a perfect page/site (as you can) right out of the gate, that will have you ranking the SIA WAY.. With Ease.

Advanced OnPage SEO Training – Part 1 – This is 4-week training program for people who struggle with the technical aspects of SEO. And now you get to access the recordings. You’ll learn some technical aspects of SEO you should know. You’ll learn about the Knowledge Graph and on-page SEO you should be focusing on.

Advanced OnPage SEO Training Part 2  – This course builds on Part 1 Advanced OnPage SEO Training. You’ll learn some new keyword research strategies, technical considerations, silos, featured snippets, backlinking and local SEO. If you have the basics of SEO down, this is the next course you need to take in your SEO journey.

Local SEO with Jason Wright – This is a 4-week training program for people who are looking to boost their rankings and get found on Google Maps and Local Listings. Jason’s training walks you through step-by-step how to tweak your websites to get you listed in your GEO Location (city) and MORE. The primary focus of this program is to help you rank in Google’s Maps and Local Listings that drive Local traffic (your buyers) more efficiently to your website.

Online Affiliate Training Program Bundle – Known as the King of Launch Jacking, Jeff Lenney has a new title, King of Affiliate Marketing. His main focus is now affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate sales. We’ve bundled his affiliate courses together (37 video trainings) so you get an A to Z process on how to get started and make money with affiliate marketing. Jeff covers everything from Clickbank to Amazon to setting up your website to start bringing in customers, without paid ads, and by using SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimization Bundle – You’ve got the traffic, now let’s get you converting that traffic to sales. Stephen Grealy teaches you beginner, intermediate and advanced CRO techniques to get you to master conversions in 12 weeks. His training will walk you through step-by step how to tweak your websites using tested and proven CRO tactics. This bundle will show you how to get more sales from your CURRENT website traffic.

Amazon Ranking in Google – This course goes hand in hand with Jeff’s Online Affiliate Marketing course. Dori walks you through how to get your affiliate content ranked in Google. You’ll learn competitive keyword analysis, how to find who your competitors are, how to discover how much they are really selling, and how to beat them with link density.

Intro To Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is about taking a product, ranking it on Page One, and then making money from that product. The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that once you learn how to choose a niche, how to choose keywords for those niches and how to be able to rank for those keywords, you’ll be on the road to generating evergreen money. DK Fynn walks you through his process he uses time and time again.

Black Hat-Taktiken Course – John Limbocker has been in SEO since before the dawn of Google, back when search engines were alphabetical. John is a legend of Black Hat SEO and notorious for being ahead of the curve with Google’s Algorithm. He talks about hiding from Google, how to boost User Metrics, and an entirely new form of SEO.

Print Your Way In The Door with Liza Parziale – Getting that first sale with a client can be incredibly difficult. Print Your Way In The Door gives you a sure fire way to get new clients that will become clients for life. You may think print is dead. It’s not. Lisa walks you through how to build trust and authority, how to find your target customers, how to reach them and then how to deliver the results they need with her trophy process.

How to Spin Content That is Relevant for Years – I bet you didn’t know you needed a course on how to spin content. But you do. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Do it the right way and your spun content will work for you for years. Chris Ulrich walks you through the art of spinning content the right way. If you want to use spun content in your SEO efforts, this course is for you.

Email Mystery with Kim Albee – The gold is in the list. If you aren’t using email marketing, you are leaving money on the table. Kim walks you through her process of everything email marketing related. She’ll teach you how to research and target your market, assemble a buyer’s persona, lead generation, creating your offers and CTAs, segmenting, newsletters, nurturing, subject lines, and open rates. But you won’t win if you have poor deliverability. You’ll discover how to increase your deliverability to get your magic in front of your warm market.

Launch Jacking with Jeff Lenney – Jeff has become a lethal weapon with SEO and Launch Jacking. Jeff begins by introducing you to the possibilities that launch jacking holds. You’ll learn how to discover niches and find upcoming launches. You’ll know how to pick a domain name and how to write (or outsource) content. He’ll teach you how he makes his WordPress sites and uses SEO to rank. You’ll also see how he builds a list DURING a launch. He shares the secret to get the coveted inside scoop on new launches.

Leasing Sites Course – Greg Montoya created a new business model that blew us away. Instead of chasing local clients or affiliate produces, he creates sites, ranks them and rents them to marketers. He makes a steady monthly income by doing something other marketers don’t know how to do; rank sites. He takes you through how he does his onpage and offpage optimization, barnacle SEO, SEO spreadsheets and tools of the trade he uses, content creation, crowd search optimization, prospecting and his winning proposal.

Link Building Franchise of Websites Course – Link building is important for ranking and many marketers don’t know where to start. Keith Dean and Nigel Griffiths blended their talents and are a deadly duo in the field of Link Building. They take you through the basics of link building, the metrics you need to know, competitor analysis, the calculations you need to be using, linking to your money site, tier 1 links, social properties. They even show you how to find and use expired web.2.0s