Die besten Web 2.0-Eigenschaften Runde 3

Round 1 winners vs Round 2 winners. The best among the best.


In round 3 of our Web 2.0 series of tests, we’ve pitted the winners of round 1 against round 2, as well as added About.me and ucoz, at the request of group members. 

An interesting thing to note is that some of the Web 2.0s were able to rank additional pages. All of the websites had one page in the SERPs, except for Issuu.com, Wikidot, and Ghost.io.

The WordPress sites never indexed. We think WordPress is getting better at filtering spam. Even though the Google sites dropped, we would still place it as #1 when building out Web 2.0s. 

The Best Among The Best

We feel that this is another huge win as you can now save your time and resources by only going after the top Web 2.0s we have tested. Note that our #1 recommended Web 2.0 is still sites.google.com.

  1. Google-Seiten
  2. Tumblr
  3. Academia.edu
  4. Issuu.com
  5. Ucoz.site
  6. Wikidot
  7. Ghost.io
  8. Kinja.com
  9. Blogger.com
  10. About.me
  11. Medium.com
  12. Jimdo.com

This test ends our Best of the Web 2.0 test series but we still have also tested other Web 2.0 properties and their effectiveness in boosting rank. Check out our test articles for more details.



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