DK Fynn

“Where are you from, DK?”

“I come from the same place everyone comes from: the Earth.”

DK’s always trying to think of responses people aren’t expecting. 

When asked to describe where he’s from, DK sometimes says he’s a “coast-to-coast” Canadian. His time in the Canadian Navy has taken him from living on bases from Esquimalt, British Columbia, to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ever since the eighth grade, he’s had a love for writing. In fact, a few times, his eight-grade teacher said he probably likes writing “a bit too much.” 

Ever since he was eighteen, DK’s had a passion for entrepreneurship. One day, he was getting a haircut from his barber, Sherman. They were talking about what DK’s ambitions were, and upon hearing that DK wanted to do business, Sherman advised him to learn about computers, as the Internet was the future.

DK, who was living in Regina, SK at the time, followed his barber’s advice and enrolled in Computer Science 100 at the University of Regina. It was during that class that DK built his first website, and from then on, DK has been building websites since then. 

That was years ago. From then until now, DK has invested a lot of time and energy learning about the various aspects of online marketing, including SEO, copywriting, and affiliate marketing. 

In fact, DK first found his success in affiliate marketing. Years ago, he created a number of websites that ranked on the first page of Google. These sites were affiliate sites that would educate potential customers about the products they were interested in. 

In 2015, Dori launched Page-One Engine, which was about a number of online business models that featured search engine optimization as a core component. It consisted of a number of courses from a number of online marketing experts. DK was one of those experts, and his course was about SEO and affiliate marketing. 

DK continues to broaden his knowledge and experience on a range of subjects. Currently, he lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He’s undertaking a Content Marketing Certification course from a prominent online institution and is slowly learning French. When he’s in Montreal, he aims to volunteer for a local food depot. He likes health and fitness and can be very competitive.

Photography By A Glow Photography