Enhanced Autocomplete Search Suggestions Launched

Are you also one of those who uses Google Search for Keyword Research? Get more data as Google launches an enhanced autocomplete search suggestions.
Marie Aquino
December 16, 2021

Are you also one of those who uses Google Search for Keyword Research, more specifically, the Search Suggestions feature? Looks like we are getting more data and insights as Google launches an enhanced autocomplete search suggestions with a second column. The second column will include predictions and will provide easier access to content that are related to the search being done. These additional search predictions may include people also ask, people also search for, and other related content.

This information was confirmed by a Google spokesperson with Search Engine Land. It was also confirmed that they are also in the process of testing a new edge to edge autocomplete interface and other full width elements for the interface of desktop search. This is being touted as “edge to edge” and in this feature, the search box blends into the other elements of the search page. Basically, the search box border where you enter the search query disappears, making it seem edge to edge with the search results.

Aside from these two features, Google also confirmed that they are launching a full width local and map results interface. They are also testing other full width elements such as full width image pack, full width featured snippets, and more. These features are being tested and has not yet been fully launched.

According to Google, they frequently test out and launch visual elements on various features within Google Search.

Why should this concerns as us SEOs, you may ask? These Google Search interface changes that Google are testing and are launching, no matter how small or large they may be, can impact searchers and how they use Google Search.

These changes can impact where they look, how often they conduct a new search, where they click on, etc. For example, a query where the top level is populated with ads, it is more likely that searchers click on these ads, as compared to the organic results as these are the first ones that they encounter when they search. Things like this has a direct impact on CTR to your website for the search term.