Future of Websites: “For SEO Traffic, What’s in Store for Web Publishers?” Google Responds

Does the future of websites entail that they’ll get less SEO traffic, since Google Snippets is getting better?
SIA Team
November 25, 2021

What does the future hold for websites, particularly with regard to the search engine results pages?

These days, on the results pages, there are ads, some sites have double- and even triple-listings, there are maps, and snippets.

Each of these takes real estate, and some webmasters are wondering how much search traffic they’ll get in the future. 

During the 43rd minute of the English Google SEO Office-Hours from November 19, 2021, Google’s John Mueller read a question that someone had submitted:

The question read:

“Google Snippets and Knowledge Graphs seem to be getting better all the time. And often, users don't have to visit a website to get the answers they need. 

“What does the future hold for web publishers big and small in terms of getting SEO traffic?”

John’s Response On the Future of Websites

John replied:

“I don't see the need for websites ever really going away, because that information is really in detail on your website. And sometimes people just want something really quick.

“Maybe they want the phone number or the address of your business, and then they go off and go visit that business directly. But essentially, for anything more than just a snippet of information, you want to kind of find out the full context and get some more information there.

“So I don't really see that going away. It's also definitely not our goal to kind of be that one place where everyone goes and just gets the answers directly, because we know we have to work together with the ecosystem together with anyone who's making websites to make sure that the things that we're providing in search, they provide value for website owners as well. Because it's easy for website owners to say, well, I don't want to take part in this search.”

And, if webmasters ever got to that point, it would be bad. 

So, no...as John said, Google’s not trying to 100% take over the web or make websites irrelevant. 

That said, I do understand the concern that webmasters and site owners have.

But see how you can turn this to your favor: maybe if there are snippets from your site that show up on the search results, you’ll get more traffic that way. 

Maybe look into how you can write content in a way that Google picks it up to show a segment as a snippet for a given search query. 

Maybe the future of websites is bright for those webmasters that can have their content featured in snippets.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel