Future-Proof Business Growth: Recent Tweet Gives Direction

Serious companies always plan ahead, and looking for ways to future-proof business growth is critical.
SIA Team
November 23, 2021

On an ever-changing landscape, future-proofing one’s business growth is a wise investment of time and energy. 

A recent tweet on the Google Analytics Twitter channel can attest to this:

The Tweet links to a 6-part article collection, collectively titled Future-Proof Your Measurement With the New Google Analytics

The articles talk about the new Google Analytics (GA), Analytics 360, privacy-safe customer insights, an example of how a non-profit found volunteers, and predictive capabilities of GA.

Ways to Future-Proof Business Growth

We know that, of course, things are going to change. 

Heck, 2020 was a great example of that.

What we can learn from 2020 is that change can be sudden, and unexpected. And, at such times, successful businesses are able to pivot and rapidly adjust their sails to the changing winds. 

Now, I’m in no way suggesting that the only methods for future-proofing a business are all solely digital. That would be sort of myopic. 

Yes, build a solid digital foundation using Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and other such services, because you need good data, collected over time, to see emerging trends and lasting changes. 

Having such data will give you the insight you need to wisely adjust to such trends and changes. 

But also, leadership is key. Not just leadership, but flexible, visionary, creative leadership. 

I heard a story about a gym owner who, when the pandemic first hit, was faced with gym closure...while still having to pay the rent on his unused gym. 

So, what did he do?

My understanding is that he started renting out gym equipment, and did well doing so. 

That’s one of many examples. 

If your business has assets, try to see how those assets can be creatively utilized. 

I hope this article has given you some ideas you can use to future-proof your business’ growth. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel