Gifted Memberships Is YouTube’s New Way To Make Money

YouTube is expanding membership giving to additional artists, allowing users to purchase memberships for other users.
SIA Team
May 17, 2022

With membership giving, a service similar to Twitch's awarded subscriptions, YouTube allows creators another method to make money directly from their audience.

This will enable viewers to purchase channel memberships for friends and family.

For fans, it's a way to show their support for their favorite creators while also contributing to the community.

To begin, a beta version of Channel Memberships Gifting is being rolled out to a select set of artists, with additional channels to follow in the following months.

YouTube channels that have been monetized have the option of charging subscribers for memberships.

Members-only livestreams, special icons in a creator's comment box, and other benefits come with channel membership. Subscriptions, or "subs," on the streaming network Twitch are comparable.

Prior to the introduction of membership giving, users could only purchase memberships for themselves. Customers could only buy one subscription each month as a result.

With membership giving, channel members can purchase a set number of memberships [5, 10, 20] in one transaction. Other YouTube users will be "given" those memberships.

Viewers who get a gift membership have access to your channel's membership benefits for one month. Recipients are not required to pay anything, while creators are paid a percentage of each transaction.