Google Tweets About Google Analytics 4 Explorations

Google Analytics 4 explorations are a great way to discover more about your prospects.
SIA Team
December 9, 2021

With Google Analytics 4 explorations, you have, potentially, a way to get a deeper look at your data, and even answer complex questions about it. 

That tweet links to a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) help page, titled Get Started With Explorations.

Explorations are, as the word implies, a way to explore–to dive deeper into your data. While Google’s help page gives you the how-tos with regard to Explorations, what I wish to do is give you complimentary resources that will help you get more out of Google Analytics 4. 

As I write this, we’re in the month of December 2021, so a lot of people are thinking–and not just thinking, but planning for–2022. To that end, I just wrote this article: Getting Ready for Google Analytics in 2022.

And speaking about goals, here’s a good analytics-oriented article about goals: Goal-Setting for Digital Marketing: The Analytics Side.

Two other goal-oriented articles are: New Video: How to Set Goals in Google Analytics and How to Use Goals in Google Analytics: A 4-Phase Overview.

Now, if you’re generally a goal-oriented person, you know that one critical criteria of a good goal is that it should be measurable. 

Likewise for tracking and analytics-based goals, which is why How to Measure Customer Acquisition With Google Analytics is a crucial read. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel