Google, Facebook, And Twitter Will Have To Combat Deepfakes Or Face Eu Fines

According to insiders, under a revised EU code of practice, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital corporations will be required to take steps to combat deep fakes and fake accounts on their platforms or face significant fines.
SIA Team
June 13, 2022

Under an updated EU code of practice, Alphabet unit Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech companies will be required to take measures to combat deepfakes and fake accounts on their platforms or face hefty fines.

As part of its crackdown on fake news, the European Commission plans to release an updated code of practice on disinformation on Thursday.

The voluntary code, which was introduced in 2018, will now be a co-regulation scheme, with responsibility shared by regulators and code signatories.

According to the reports, the updated code will include more examples of manipulative behavior, such as deepfakes and fake accounts, that signatories will be required to address.

Deepfakes are said to be hyper realistic forgeries created by computer techniques that have sparked worldwide concern, particularly when used in political contexts.

The code will also be linked to strict new EU rules known as the Digital Services Act, which was agreed upon earlier this year by the European Union's 27 member states and includes a section on combating disinformation.

Companies that fail to meet their obligations under the code, according to the people, could face fines of up to 6% of their global turnover.