Google Releases New User Controls 

The new Google user settings will apply to third-party sites where Google provides advertisements as well.
April 30, 2022

Google is introducing new user settings that will allow users to reduce the number of ads related to pregnancy, childcare, dating, and weight reduction that are displayed.

According to reports, the business has expanded these controls by adding additional ad categories to both YouTube and Gmail. The restrictions will also apply to third-party websites where Google serves advertisements. "The controls presently do not apply to Search ads," Google said, "but the business is working to introduce the feature to Search ads in the future."

"Users can enter their Google account dashboard to minimize the number of adverts in categories such as pregnancy, dating, childcare, and weight reduction under the ad settings by using Google or YouTube."

People want more control over their ad experience, including the ability to block ads or categories they don't want to see, according to Karin Hennessy, Google's group product manager for ads privacy. "Providing transparency and control has always been a priority for us, so we're expanding our tools, enabling the choice to see fewer pregnancy and parenting, dating, and weight-loss ads," she said.

“We'll keep listening to customer comments and researching potential areas to include in the future. Respecting such preferences is a big driver of trust and is consistent with our ad privacy obligations," Google states.

The ad limits were first unveiled in the United States, allowing users to view fewer advertisements related to gambling and alcohol. These user controls for YouTube advertisements have now been put out internationally as an add-on to the existing tool announced in December 2020.