Google Search Central Celebrates One Year

Google Search Central, formally known as Google Webmasters, celebrated its first year.
SIA Team
November 23, 2021

On November 17th, 2021, the Google Search Central Twitter channel had a tweet announcing its first-year celebration.

The tweet linked to an article titled, One Year of Google Search Central, which serves as a celebration and a description of the things that Search Central has been working on for the past year.  

What Is Google Search Central?

In case you don’t know, a number of years ago, there was a segment of Google called Webmasters (or Google Webmasters). 

As you guessed, it was a resource for...webmasters! There was even something called Webmaster Tools that’s now basically Google Search Console. 

So, Google Search Central is comprised of staff and online tools that serve as Google’s go-to for webmasters, SEO professionals, and members of small businesses. 

Perhaps one of Google Search Central’s main resources is the Search Central site/blog, which can be found at

Another great resource is the Google Search Central YouTube channel, which has a growing number of videos pertaining to a wide variety of topics pertaining to having an online presence. 

These range from the legal aspects (Intellectual Property) to the SEO Office-Hours, which are Q&A sessions that are done in English, German, and Japanese. I personally like the English SEO Office-Hours, which are currently hosted by John Mueller

There’s also the Google Search Central Twitter channel, which serves as a sort-of feed of the latest news. It’s a channel that SEO professionals like to pay attention to, because usually, Google search engine updates are announced via that channel. 

While not everyone may agree with everything that Google does, a least Google Search Central is a good resource for discovering some of what Google wants to reveal to us.

Source: Google Search Central