How to Measure Customer Acquisition With Google Analytics

If you want to know how to measure customer acquisition with Google Analytics, this is the first thing to know...
SIA Team
December 1, 2021

When it comes to using Google Analytics to measure customer acquisition, the first thing you need to know is this: there isn’t only a single right way to do it. 

Yes, there are a few principle components involved, and while measuring customer acquisition can be a linear process, it can also be holistic and iterative. 

That is, you can make it more holistic by utilizing various features in Google Analytics (as well as combining Analytics with other Google platforms, such as Search Console, Data Studio, and Optimize). 

Yesterday, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet about this subject:

The tweet linked to this video, titled Customer Acquisition Cost: How to Track It and Calculate It:

Here are a few things to note from that video:

  • Goals: To measure acquisition, Google Analytics needs you to tell it what actually counts as an acquisition (or desired human behaviour). Is it landing on a thank-you page? Duration of time spent on a site? Number of page views?
  • Events: These have to do with user behaviour, and can tie in with goals. 
  • If you set up Analytics well, you can see which channels are driving the most goal conversions. 
  • You can do A/B tests with Google Optimize, and even combine Optimize with Google Ads. 

So, when it comes to measuring customer acquisition with Google Analytics, you have a few options for doing so.
Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel