YouTube Creators Tweets About Showing Support for Indigenous YouTubers

A recent video lists the channels of Indigenous YouTubers that are worth watching.
SIA Team
November 26, 2021

Navajo Man & Lakota Bae, who are the focus of the YouTube channel of the same name, recently released a video that serves as a shout-out to 5 other YouTubers. 

These 5 are:

The Allison Exchange - This channel has Cherokee and Navajo content--specifically, one video has to do with the alphabets of Cherokee and Navajo.

Tiny Snakes - This channel has videos about different powwow celebrations. 

Jo James - From glancing at the titles of the videos in this channel, it seems to me that this channel is about...being Native American. I know that seems obvious, so let me get a bit more specific: one video is titled, The Pretendian Curse

Pretendian is a term referring to someone who falsely claims Indigenous identity.

Ms Kabinto - This channel is, to me, about one woman living through some of the things that some people may encounter: eating, failing, apologizing, and other topics. 

Dose of Shaloin - 2 of the first videos I looked at were about a sad reality: missing Indigenous people.

It’s good to see YouTube Creators actively recognize the contributions of it’s Native YouTubers. And, in turn, it was good to see Navajo Man & Lakota Bae list YouTubers that they like to watch. 

It’s always good to see artists and creators support each other, and this example of Native YouTubers supporting one another is a good example of that. 

Source: YouTube Creators