Microsoft Has Begun Distributing “Outlook Lite,” 

On devices with less RAM, the Android application is designed to function. As of this week, it is currently accessible in a limited number of nations.
SIA Team
August 3, 2022

Microsoft executives declared that the “Outlook Lite” program, which is quicker and smaller, is ready for budget Android smartphones starting in July. Microsoft began offering Outlook Lite in a number of nations on August 1. The Google Play Store offers a free download of the program.

“Outlook Lite brings the main features of Microsoft Outlook in a smaller-sized app with fast performance for lightweight devices on any network,” Microsoft officials said, including 2G and 3G ones.

The Lite app is about 5 MB in size and includes access to emails, calendar, and contacts. It is designed to run quickly on all Android devices, including those with as little as 1 GB of RAM, and to consume less battery power than regular Outlook., Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange Online accounts are currently supported by Outlook Lite. 

Microsoft plans to add support for third-party accounts and multiple accounts “in the future,” according to company officials.

Venezuela, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, and Peru are the only nations where the app is now available as of August 1. In the future, officials said, they will consider increasing help for more countries.

However, the Outlook Lite client does not support Android Work Profile or Mobile Application Management (MAM) for work accounts. Microsoft suggests that business users who need these features remain with the existing mobile Outlook client for Android rather than the Lite edition.