New Video: Google Search News for November 2021

Core Web Vitals, Page Experience, Continuous Scrolling, and Title Links are some recent Google developments.
SIA Team
November 18, 2021

Yesterday (November 17th, 2021), Google just released a new video, titled, Google Search News (Nov ‘21) – Title links, State of Technical SEO Report, and More!

Unlike Google’s SEO Office Hours video series, this video is part of the Google Search News series, which doesn’t have frequent episodes. (This one’s for November, but from what I can see, the previous one is from June 2021).

This video, which you can see below, covered:

00:00 Intro: Google’s John Mueller introduces himself

0:51 Core Web Vitals and Page Experience (coming to Desktop in February 2022)

3:07 Title Links (This, at first got some negative feedback, so Google was able to improve, and launched an update)

4:24 Continuous Scrolling on Mobile Devices

5:18 New e-commerce Documentation 

6:25 The State of Technical SEO Report from Aira and Women in Tech SEO

6:43 Updated Quality Rater Guidelines for Search 

7:27 Google is Hiring! Search Quality Analyst Role in California 

7:48 Google My Business is now Google Business Profile

Some of these news items may not be entirely new–rather, you can think of this video as a summary of some of Google’s most recent search-based news. 

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel