One Internal Linking Benefit Mentioned by Google Employee

One benefit of internal linking is that it tells search engines which pages you think are important.
SIA Team
November 23, 2021

Google’s John Mueller is a Search Advocate, and often hosts the Q&A-style sessions known as English SEO Office-Hours. 

During the most recent of these (the November 19th one), he read a submitted inquiry pertaining to indexing:

(Video below queued to 39:24.)

“For job-posting Schema markup, what are the most important parts for getting indexed and ranking highly? We've seen spikes in indexed jobs that drop off after a week or two with no understanding as to why.”

John saw that one way to ensure that search engines know that pages are valuable is to do so with internal linking. 

Signaling Importance Is One Internal Linking Benefit

I recall that John suggested 2 things that could be done to try to guide indexing is to use structure and internal linking:

“What can you do to make sure that your content is better indexed and, especially the things that I mentioned so far, I think those are really what’s relevant:

“If you have kind of a stronger website structure, you can also guide things a little bit in that, if we can index, let's say...100 out of 200 pages on a website using the website structure, you can guide us a little bit to focus on which part you want us to focus on.

“And the way usually that is done is with internal linking.”

If you listen to the video clip, you’ll get a full idea of what John was saying, but basically, if you internally link from a home page to an inner page that you think is important, that’ll tell the search engines that you think that inner page is important.

And, that’s one of the many benefits of internal linking.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel