One Way to Use Google Analytics...Especially if You Don’t Want to Sell

Do you run a charity, have a message to share, or just want to build awareness? GA can also be used for this.
SIA Team
November 15, 2021

If you passionately have a message to share, you probably want to know two things:

One is if people are responding to your message.

Two is how people are responding to your message. (That is, what do they say, whether they share your message, etc.)

There are a few ways to gauge this: looking at blog comments, donations, social media Likes, retweets, etc.

There are also numbers- and data-based ways to gauge response, and that’s what I’ll be discussing here.

Last Friday (November 12th, 2021), Google tweeted the following:

That tweet links to a Google Analytics Help page titled Build Awareness and Engagement.

The gist of it is this: 

Google Analytics can help you set up business-oriented metrics, such as lead conversions and sales. But--and this is the value for charities and those who want to spread awareness--GA can also help you set up engagement-oriented metrics

And engagement can be thought of as a reflection of whether people are engaging with your site’s (or app’s) message. 

These engagement metrics are: 

  • New users
  • Engaged sessions per user
  • User engagement
  • User stickiness
  • Views per user

And that’s probably not an exhaustive list. There may be more you may want to incorporate. 

In fact, if your aim is to raise awareness and get donations, you may want to add a business-oriented metric that records sales (although the term sales, in this context, refers to donations). 

So, if you have a message to share, and you want to have an objective way of measuring the responsiveness of your efforts, Google Analytics is one way to achieve that.

Source: Google Analytics Help