Shopify’s CMS Market Share Declines Slightly as Job Losses and Layoffs Approach

In July 2022, Shopify lost a minor portion of its market share to WordPress, which continues to have a commanding position in the Content Management System (CMS) market.
SIA Team
August 1, 2022

In July, 6.2 percent of websites with a CMS (or 4.2 percent of all websites) utilized Shopify, the second-most popular CMS option.

Compared to the US $879.1 million profit reported at this time last year, Shopify’s second-quarter net loss of US $1.2 billion equals $0.95 US per share.

Operating losses haunt the ecommerce CMS brand despite an increase in revenue of 16 percent year over year to US $1.3 billion. According to the business, operating losses in Q3 and Q4 will be greater than the $41.8 million operating loss the business experienced in Q2.

While WordPress absorbed Shopify’s 0.1 percent CMS market share loss this month, other CMS saw a minimal change. 

It has been known that CMS utilizes 64.3 percent of websites, while 43 percent of all websites use WordPress as their CMS of choice. 

However,, the data’s source, reports that 33.1% of websites don’t use any CMS at all—at least, not one they watch.

Despite each having less than 2% of the market, Drupal, Adobe Systems, Google Systems, Bitrix, and Webflow are also among the top 10 CMS options for July 2022.