Snapchat+ Adds New Features

Snapchat+ is launching a number of new features now that it has one million paying members.
SIA Team
August 16, 2022

Over a million people have subscribed to Snapchat+ in the six weeks since its inception. Taking advantage of this momentum, Snapchat+ is introducing four new features without any additional fees.

A premium membership level called Snapchat+ that cost $3.99 per month gives users access to premium features. The service debuted with a few products, such as; a badge for Snapchat+, users may track their friends’ movements over the previous 24 hours using a feature called “ghost trails”, users can see who has rewatched their snaps, choosing a “best friend” and pinning them to the top of their feed, and a variety of unique themes and icons.

Recently, four new features will give subscribers even more value from their subscriptions: Priority story replies, Post-view emoji, Bitmoji backgrounds, and App icons. The priority story replies will make users replies to influencers and celebrities more visible. Also, Bitmoji backgrounds will give users more options when choosing a background for their bitmoji.