What’s Next For the Page Experience Update?

The page experience update has finished its roll out in Mobile in Early September. What's next? Will it also roll out to desktop search? If so, when is this expected?
Marie Aquino
December 15, 2021

The page experience update, also known as the Core Web Vitals Update, has finished its roll out in Mobile in Early September. The Page Experience Update gave importance to User Experience, in order to provide user a better online experience.

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It has been highly debated whether the Core Web Vitals is a ranking factor. In Clint’s SEORockstars presentation, he has discussed his findings on this.

Whether it is a ranking factor or not, user experience is an important factor to consider and improving one’s Core Web Vitals to provide users a good page/site experience is a win-win situation. This leads to an overall improvement in user experience and can increase clicks and conversions. Nobody likes a slow loading site and this often causes bounces.

So after the update has rolled out, what has been some changes? According to Patrick Stox, product advisor for Technical SEO and brand ambassador at Ahrefs, Safe Browsing is already out and cumulative layout shift has changed a bit - it’s the five seconds where the most shifting occurs. Google has also removed AMP from Top stories requirements.

Google continues to test it out and make improvements on the different metrics and it has also revealed that roll out for desktop will begin in February 2022. If you have already made site improvements to prepare for the mobile roll out, then we’re pretty sure that you should not have any problems once it also rolls out into Desktop. And as we say, making improvements for the user experience is always a win-win situation, even if it may not be exactly a significant search ranking factor, focusing on your user, their experience, and providing them a good site, able to provide them what they are looking for, is a win for the user, and for you.