Search Atlas Proves Search Results Vary By Country

Breaking news…Google Search Not Neutral!

Google Search Not Neutral

Search Atlas shows you how Google serves different search responses across geopolitical borders.

Search Atlas may appear similar to Google, but the information returned shows the difference.  The information shows lists of links obtained from Google search from around the world. 

It also uses Google translate to automatically translate the information.

Google has long been accused of not being neutral and benign.  

The danger in a search engines lack of neutrality is that this can be influenced by governmental preferences of reality.  If a country wants to hide unrest and instead deliver results that show the country is a great touristy spot, Google can serve that reality up.  

“Any attempt to quantify relevance necessarily encodes moral and political priorities,” says Rodrigo Ochigame, a co creator of Search Atlas.

A Google spokesperson said the varied results were not from censorship but rather from detecting a travel intent by the searcher.  

Search Atlas is currently in beta and only used in private for the time being. 

DK Fynn

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