How We Came Into Being

Prior to 2016, SEO Professionals had only two types of testing to lean on. Correlation and Case Study. Both of which are marred with in-congruent variables that more often than not led to SEO myths and theory that plagued the SEO Industry. Thus…

We Decided to Test 
a Different Way.

By creating a controlled environment within the SERPS, and testing a single variable at a time, we were able to decipher myth from fact, truth from theory and find REAL negative and positive SEO variables. We then applied, and received a patent, for our testing methods and began the “single variable” testing revolution that has taken place in the SEO Industry. And even though Dori wanted to call us “The SEO Testing Club,” the staff objected to the somewhat boring name and decided on the name, the “SEO Intelligence Agency” or the S.I.A. rather which was intended as a play on the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) the United States core undercover agency and spy type equivalent to the U.K.’s James Bond.

But it is really an “Association.”

The SIA (whose domain name has since changed to SEOIntel.com) is an Association of SEO Professionals that is comprised of a group of SEO Professionals led by Clint Butler & Dori Friend and are dedicated to testing SEO methods, and either “Busting or Confirming” each SEO variable and tactic put before them, thereby creating a new set of “SEO Best Practices” based on science rather than theory.

The SEO Intelligence Agency produced their first single variable tests in 2015 and opened the doors for membership in March of 2016.

Since that time, we have completed and shared almost 600 single variable tests results with our members.

Our Mission

Our Mission at the SIA is to test, report, and define SEO variables in the simplest form possible to give the SEO Professional the factors needed to help rank their websites for themselves and their customers.

We would be honored if you would join us in this mission.