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The SIA In A Nutshell 
The SEO Intelligence Agency is an association comprised of a talented group of SEO Professionals lead by Clint Butler & Dori Friend and are dedicated to testing & reporting SEO metrics by creating single variable tests that allow them to identify ranking variables… and then do this…
Josh Dunlop Ranking
When you join S.I.A. you get access to ALL of these tests/studies we’ve done in the past and then deliver new ones to you every month. All of the SIA courses including all historical dialogs, weekly chats, resource material and instructional material, (how we do it) along with an easy to use search function to drill down on whatever topic you are looking for, and an ongoing mastermind around it all.
The S.I.A also supports an active Community in Slack & Skype and sponsors a monthly Test Reveal webinar going over tests. Other community activities include going over tactics, answering questions and doing site reviews.

When You Join, You Get Intimidate Access To All Our Tests, Courses & Resources

"Essential Resource" & "Treasure Trove!"

The SIA has been an essential resource refining our SEO SOPs. We’ve been able to get rid of things we thought worked, but didn’t, while also discovering a treasure trove of new/unique working SEO techniques.

This is the go-to resource for streamlining SEO.

Bruno Souza
Black Swan Media

"Knowledge in The SIA is Mind Blowing" & "Pure Information of The Highest Quality!"

The level of knowledge in the SIA is mind blowing. To be able to ask a question and have an answer from a genuine expert is priceless. Debates take place with some new ideas being formed and strategies uncovered, which can really help and experienced marketer develop and improve. Beginners are also catered for with step-by-step guides and community support.

No adverts, no sales, just pure information of the highest quality.

Derek Booth

"Priceless SEO Knowledge" & "Gives Me First-Hand Knowledge of The Algorithm and Debunks All the SEO Myths!"

Hey, hey, what’s up, my fellow SEO pros? I’ve been a member at SIA since 2016 and have gained priceless SEO knowledge ever since.

I’m an enterprise SEO and do not have the time to test things by myself, and by joining SIA, I was able to stay on top of SEO ranking factors.

SEO tests run by some of the most intelligent people give me first-hand knowledge of the algorithm and debunks all the SEO myths.

If you’re a beginner or an enterprise SEO with 15+ years like me, the SIA will keep you up to date on what works and what does not work in the world of SEO.

Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Video Show on YouTube

"Only Regret is Not Finding The SIA Community Sooner!" & "The Knowledge And Experience of This Group is Incredible"

I’ve been a member for almost a year now. The SEO knowledge and experience of this group is incredible.

I’ve been ranking my own websites since 2010 but had found it difficult to rank in the new era of Google and all its updates.

With testing from SIA, Google updates are no longer a mystery. By following the best practices set out by the results of SEO tests, my sites are way less susceptible to algorithm changes.

My only regret is not finding the SIA community sooner.

Garth Williams

"Was Literally Stunned at The Scale of the Information Available" & "Joining Becomes a No Brainer!"

I joined the SIA after about 3 years of sitting on the sidelines, and was literally stunned at the scale of the information available and its scope.

If you pair this with the courses provided by Clint, alongside the Slack and Skype communities where you’ll get help on pretty much any question/problem you come up with, joining becomes a no brainer.

Personally I don’t use link building tools (yet) but add in those offered by the SIA and you’ll have pretty much a well-stocked armory for your SEO efforts, with only occasional needs to go elsewhere for supplemental info.

Recently (for reasons other than anything to do with the SIA community and team) my membership ended…and immediately I felt like I’d lost an arm. Was back in within a week!

Steve Cross

"Easily Worth Much More Than What We’re Paying!" & "Almost Missed Out!"

It’s worth it!

Seeing the SIA’s video of proving wrong lots of ‘common knowledge’ in the SEO space had me interested, but honestly I didn’t want to pay what SIA was charging. I Googled for affiliate coupon codes and didn’t find any, so I left it alone and almost missed out.

Luckily, when I was doing my research I shared the video with a friend, who I didn’t realize instantly bought in. He ended up closing me by telling me it was completely worth the price. I took his word for it and joined too. The content and the community together is easily worth much more than what we’re paying.

If you’re thinking like me, wondering if it’s a good investment or not, it is. There really are two wins. I know to spend time on what works, and I’m not wasting time on the fake ‘best practices’ that the SIA proves have no bearing on rankings.

Martin Smith
Founder, Overflow Marketing Solutions

"It Was a Game Changer For Me" & "You’d be crazy not to join … it’s absolutely a secret weapon and one of the best things going in the world of SEO."

I want to give a quick shout out to the SIA, Clint and Dori. They do such an amazing job running the show and everybody else that’s part of the team. I joined about a year ago, and it’s just changed my life. The tests alone are worth joining.

When I first joined and had access to hundreds of amazing tests, I was just blown away. I couldn’t believe it. I had guessed for so long as to what worked and what didn’t. I’d hear one person say this and another guru said that. And a lot of times it was in direct conflict. To be able to see actually what worked and also what didn’t, was a game changer for me.

But it wasn’t even really just the tests that changed my life. It’s a community. There’s an amazing Slack and Skype group that all kinds of knowledge bombs are dropped in.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a really important question and just reached out to people in the group and got it answered in short order. The value in the SIA is just ridiculous.

I have four virtual assistants. And I have them taking courses in the group. Everything from Spintax to SEO courses and all kinds of amazing information, including Clint’s amazing schema course, which several of my team members have taken.

The volume is just astronomical. For me, if you’re a serious search engine optimization professional, whether you’re a one man show or you’ve got an agency, you’d be crazy not to join. I mean, it’s absolutely a secret weapon and one of the best things going in the world of search engine optimization.

Big thanks to Dori (she is amazing) and the SIA for changing my life.

Robert Portillo
Nimbus Marketing

"I wasted four years (and lots of money guessing)"

I’ll tell you what is interesting here. Before SIA, I used to take this certain Guru’s SEO opinions as fact. I watched the main video and found myself thinking “that’s not what the SIA’s test results show (etc, etc)”.

I could never have done that before I joined SIA. I wasted four years (and lots of money guessing).

Garry Boniface
SEO Professional

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The SIA is a Community Based on Scientific Data

A Brief List Of BenefitsYou Will Gain When You Join The SIA


Benefits of Tests
Short-cut to ranking
Time & money efficiency
Build Ranking Resilience
Keep Informed Of What Matters, & What Doesn’t
Exploration of Ranking Factors
Affordability or SEO Knowledge


Benefits of Courses
Build Core Skills For You &/or Your Team
Enhancement of Skills
Continual SEO Growth
Refine Your Processes
Access To Expertise
Accessibility of Time/Place


Benefits of Resources
Fast look-ups at your fingertips
Saves Time & Money
Expanded Access To Learning
Gain Vital SEO Assets
Suits a Variety of Learning Skills
Easy 24/7 Availability to Material


Benefits of Community
Experience of Group
Collaborative Partnerships
Positive Relationships
Sharing of Ideas & Personal Strategies
Strong Social Network
Suits a Variety of Learning Skills
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The SIA is NOT Just a List of Test Results, a Single Course, or a Single Resource, it’s ALL of It!

“The SIA is a Lifeline to SEO Professionals”