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This is a List of ALL The Tests We’ve Completed

Since March of 2016, we have completed over 600+ tests which is approximately 10(ish) tests/studies each month. By doing single variable tests, we’ve been able to reverse engineered Google. No longer do we rely on Theory, Correlation or Case Studies. We rely on Science to determine what is working, and what isn’t in SEO.

We’ve also redone some of our first tests along the way, always keeping up with the changes of SEO.

Tests 1-100

[Test #1] On-Page Word Count – How Many Words Won The #1 Spot?

[Test #2] Which Is Better – Image ALT Wrapped in H1 Vs Regular Text H1?

[Test #3] What Are The Top Critical On-Page Factors?

[Test #4] Do Google Docs Pass Link Juice?

[Test #5] What are the Strongest Web 2.0s?

[Test #6] What’s Better For SEO: No Follow Vs Do Follow Links?

[Test #7] On-Page Word Count – How Many Words Won The #1 Spot? (Part 2)

[Test #8] What are the Strongest Web 2.0s? (Part 2)

[Test #9] Is Duplicate Content a Negative Factor?

[Test #10] What E-Commerce Silo URL Structure Wins?

[Test #11] What’s Strongest: Original Or Stock Images?

[Test #12] Can You Overuse ALL CAPS?

[Test #13] Should You Only Place the Keyword Once in the Title Tag?

[Test #14] On-Page Word Count – How Many Words Won The #1 Spot? (Part 3)

[Test #15] What are the Strongest Web 2.0s? (Part 3)

[Test #16] Does a Page with Schema Markup Outrank the Page Without?

[Test #17] Should You Optimize Your Meta Titles For Clicks Rather Than Keywords?

[Test #18] What’s Better: Exact Match Domain Or Partial Match Domain?

[Test #19] Can You Over-Optimize Anchor Text?

[Test #20] Is A Home to Home Page Link Stronger Than A Link To A Relevant Internal Page?

[Test #21] Does a Page with a Link from a YouTube Video Outrank a Page Without?

[Test #22] Does a Page with a Link from a Facebook Post with Likes and Shares Outrank a Page Without?

[Test #23] Will You Get Penalized for Buying Links?

[Test #24] Myth Busting: Should You Optimize a Page for Multiple Keywords?

[Test #25] What’s Stronger: LSI Or Target Keywords?

[Test #26] How Much Link Juice Is Actually Passed?

[Test #27] Does Syndicated Duplicate Content Hurt or Help?

[Test #28] Should Keywords Be First in Meta Title?

[Test #29] Does Open Graph Help Ranking?

[Test #30] Link Echoes: Do Deleted Links Still Help Boost Rankings?

[Test #31] Is Page Speed a Ranking Factor?

[Test #32] Does AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Outrank a Regular Mobile-Friendly Page?

[Test #33] What Does It Take to Get You an Unnatural Link Penalty?

[Test #34] Which Are the Strongest Infographic Sites?

[Test #35] Do Naturally Written Title and Meta Tags Get Better Click Through Rates?

[Test #36] Do More Backlinks from Social Media Super Charge Rankings?

[Test #37] Does 2.0 Web Syndication Help Ranking?

[Test #38] Can You Build Links to a Page’s WP-Admin to Boost Rankings?

[Test #39] Will a Page with an Outbound Non-Hyperlinked Link to a High Authority Site Outrank a Page Without One?

[Test #40] How Much Original Text is Required for a Page to be “Unique”?

[Test #41] Does a Page with “Lean” Code Beat a Page with a “Bloated” Code?

[Test #42] Do You Lose Link Strength When You Use a Link Shortener?

[Test #43] Is Bounce Rate a Ranking Factor?

[Test #44] HTTP Vs HTTPS: Does One Outrank the Other?

[Test #45] Subdirectory Vs Subdomain: Which Outranks the Other?

[Test #46] Is Linking Stacks Using Google Properties Worth It?

[Test #47] Does Using Cloudflare Boost Your Rankings?

[Test #48] Do You Lose Link Strength When You Use a Link Shortener (Part 2)?

[Test #49] Does Compressing Images Boost Your Rankings?

[Test #50] Does the Use of Social Adr Boost Your Rankings?

[Test #51] Which Link Shortener is “Better” to Send to a Ranking Page from a Google Doc?

[Test #52] Which Link Shortener is “Better” to Send to a Ranking Page from YouTube?

[Test #53] Do PDFs Pass Link Juice?

[Test #54] Can You Trust The Keyword Planner Search Volumes?

[Test #55] Do .gov Redirect Links Affect Rank?

[Test #56] Which is Stronger, Internal Link or External Links?

[Test #57] Is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) a Ranking Factor?

[Test #58] Is Time on Site a Ranking Factor?

[Test #59] Is Google Analytics Conversion a Ranking Factor?

[Test #60] Can You Hack Bounce Rate?

[Test #61] Does Google “See” (and Index) Content That is Hidden in an Accordion/Drop Down Tab?

[Test #62] Is EXIF Data on Its Own a Ranking Factor?

[Test #63] Do Brand Mentions as Implied Links Affect Rank?

[Test #64] PNG vs JPG: Is There A ‘Better’ Image File?

[Test #65] Does Adding .html to the End of Your URLs Gives a Boost in Ranking?

[Test #66] How Long Does It Take for a Page to Index Using Different Indexing Methods?

[Test #67] Penguin 4.0 Follow Up: Is Exact Match Anchor Text Taboo?

[Test #68] Do Deindexed Sites Still Pass Link Juice?

[Test #69] Does a Page with a No-Follow Link Affect Rank?

[Test #70] Does Anchor Text Variance Matter?

[Test #71] Can You Hack Bounce Rate? (Part 2)

[Test #72] When Buying Expired Domains, What’s Better DA Or TF?

[Test #73] Does Blasting .gov Links Still Work (Part 2)

[Test #74] Does the Amount of Pages Indexed Affect Rankings

[Test #75] Does Google Prefer PNG or JPG? (Part 2)

[Test #76] Do Sitewide Links from a Blogroll Affect Rank

[Test #77] SIA and Semantic Mastery Joint Test: Do Links in Javascript Overlays Pass Juice?

[Test #78] Do Deindexed Sites Still Pass Link Juice (Part 2)?

[Test #79] Can You Affect Rank of Pages Simultaneously With Shortened URL By Changing The Destination URL?

[Test #80] What Percentage of Pages Will Google Alerts Find?

[Test #81] Is A Weebly Natural 301 URL With A Custom Domain Name Beneficial?

[Test #82] What is the Optimum Anchor Text Percentage Post Penguin 4 Update?

[Test #83] What is the Best Way to Pass Internal Link Juice from the Homepage

[Test #84] Does Google Prefer PNG or JPG?

[Test #85] Do Ranking Factors Have Different Rank Valuation?

[Test #86] Will Google Index Content Hidden by CSS?

[Test #87] Is Keyword Prominence is a Ranking Factor?

[Test #88] Are Favicons a Ranking Factor?

[Test #89] Can You Increase the Strength of a Link Through Traffic?

[Test #90] Does A Link From A Live Stream Video Send More “Power” Than A Link From An Uploaded Video?

[Test #91] Are Local Search Results Immune From The Duplicate Content Filter?

[Test #92] Indexing A Page With Images Only: Does Google Know the Topic?

[Test #93] Does a .city Domain Beat A .com In Local Search?

[Test #94] Does a Link from Relevant Content Count More Than a Link from Unrelated Content?

[Test #95] How Much To Hit The “Over Optimization” Filter?

[Test #96] Does Splitting Content into Multiple Pages Result in Better User Metrics?

[Test #97] Indexing a Page Through Exact Match Anchor Text

[Test #98] Does Bookmarking A Page Affect Rank?

[Test #99] Myth Busting: Keyword Prominence is a Ranking Factor (Part 2)

[Test #100] Are HTML Errors A Negative Factor In Rankings?

Tests 101-200

[Test #101] Can Google Read Text In An Image?

[Test #102] Do Link Echoes Exist?

[Test #103] Do Google Cloud Pages Pass Juice?

[Test #104] Do Pages With Bullets Perform Better In Rankings?

[Test #105] Is Duplicate Content a Negative Factor?

[Test #106] How Strong Are Internal Links on the 10-Page Test?

[Test #107] Does Google Prefer a Hyphen or No Hyphen for Two-Word Keyword Phrases?

[Test #108] Is Flesch Readability a Ranking Factor?

[Test #109] Does Domain Authority Affect Rank?

[Test #110] Is Duplicate Content Restricted to a Single Unique Domain?

[Test #111] Will Search Results Change Based on the Location of the Searcher?

[Test #112] Ecommerce Test: Home Page, Category Page, or Product Page Best to Index?

[Test #113] Does Grammar Affect Page Ranking?

[Test #114] Does a Twitter Link Affect Rank?

[Test #115] Ecommerce Test: Home Page, Category Page or, Product Page Best to Index? (WooCommerce Edition)

[Test #116] Can You Boost Link Strength Through Traffic? (Follow Up)

[Test #117] Is There Such A Thing As Content Freshness?

[Test #118] Does Optimizing Content in an Accordion Affect Ranking?

[Test #119] Does Page Freshness Affect Ranking?

[Test #120] Does the Distance Between Keywords Affect Ranking?

[Test #121] Can We Build a Wall to Determine Strongest Ranking Factors?

[Test #122] Does Incorrectly Marked-up Structured Data Harm Rankings?

[Test #123] How Difficult is it to Rank a Trello Page?

[Test #124] Will a Page with All No-Follow Outbound Links Outrank a Page with All Do- Follow Outbound Links?

[Test #125] Does an Instagram Account Link Pass Juice and Affect Rank?

[Test #126] Does Putting the Target Keyword in the MainEntityOfPage Schema Affect Rank?

[Test #127] Does Putting a Target Keyword in SearchAction Schema Improve Ranking?

[Test #128] Does a Second Link with Unique Anchor Text Pass Juice?

[Test #129] Are Relative Links Bad for SEO?

[Test #130] Ecommerce Test: More Content or More Products on Category Page?

[Test #131] Can You Beat an H1 with H2s?

[Test #132] Can You Beat an H2 with H3s?

[Test #133] Can You Beat an H1 by Increasing the Keyword Density in the Body Content?

[Test #134] Is Dwell Time a Ranking Factor?

[Test #135] Does the H1 Position Affect Ranking (Above or Below H2)?

[Test #136] What’s The Strength of Internal Links?

[Test #137] Does Google Ignore Multiple Links Pointing to the Same Page?

[Test #138] Can Bot Traffic Increase Rankings?

[Test #139] Will Automated CTR and Internal Clicks Influence Ranking?

[Test #140] Can You Use Relative Links to Prevent Over-Optimization?

[Test #141] Can We Test Different Ranking Factors Against Each Other?

[Test #142] Does the Use of Headlines (H Tags) for Your Page Titles Affect Rank?

[Test #143] Will Content Translated by Google Translate Pass the Duplicate Content Filter?

[Test #144] Is Using an Underscore Better Than Using a Dash?

[Test #145] Is Proxmity A Ranking Factor?

[Test #146] Do Citations Play A Roll In Local Proximity Ranking?

[Test #147] Keyword Density vs Word Count: Which is the Stronger Factor?

[Test #148] Will a Link in a MeetUp Event Page Affect Ranking?

[Test #149] Will a Page with Keywords Tagged as Strong Outrank a Page with Keywords Tagged as Bold?

[Test #150] Will a Page with Keywords Tagged as Emphasis Outrank a Page with Keywords Tagged as Italic?

[Test #151] Does Redirecting an Expired Domain to a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #152] Does Adding Google Custom Search to a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #153] How Long Does it Take for a Test Environment to Settle?

[Test #154] Can Rankwyz Be Used On Youtube Videos?

[Test #155] Can You Get a Page to Index with Traffic?

[Test #156] Are PBNs Effective And Can They Pass Juice?

[Test #157] Does Google Read Link Title Attributes?

[Test #158] Can PPC Traffic Increase Rankings?

[Test #159] Does a Second Internal Link Housed in a Shortener Result in More Juice Being Passed to the Page?

[Test #160] Does Google Limit the SERPs to One Exact Match Domain?

[Test #161] Will a YouTube Video with Sound Rank Better than a Video without Sound?

[Test #162] Do Bad Words Affect Rank?

[Test #163] Can a Single Exact Match Link from a PA, DA1 Site Beat a Highly Optimized Page?

[Test #164] What Does Google Use to Answer a Voice Search?

[Test #165] Will a Page with Explicit Image Get Filtered by Safe Search?

[Test #166] Can You Get a Ranking Edge from Just Using Your Target Keyword Exactly as Your H1?

[Test #167] How Much Will Google Crawl?

[Test #168] Mythbusting: Can Links in Twitter Feeds Pass Juice?

[Test #169] CRO in Action: Does Adding Actual Location to AdWords Ads Help?

[Test #170] Will a Longer H1 Zone Positively Affect Rank?

[Test #171] Does Google Read Long Meta Titles?

[Test #172] Will Google Display Meta Descriptions that are too Long?

[Test #173] Do Intro Pops Affect Rank? (Part 1)

[Test #174] Do Keywords In Intro Pops Affect Rank? (Part 2)

[Test #175] Does Font Color Affect Rank?

[Test #176] Does the Number of H2s on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #177] Does the Number of H1s on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #178] Does the Number of H3s on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #179] Do Footer Links Work?

[Test #180] Which is Stronger – Footer Links or Header Links?

[Test #181] Can Google Read Text Generated by JavaScript?

[Test #182] Does a Page with a Misformatted H1 Affect Rank?

[Test #183] Which Are The Best Indexing Techniques?

[Test #184] Which is Stronger – Footer Links, Header Links, or Contextual Links?

[Test #185] Does Continually Refreshing Content With Ajax Help With Ranking Multiple Keywords?

[Test #186] Do Improperly Nested HTML Hurt You?

[Test #187] Do Exit Pops Affect Rank?

[Test #188] Expanding CRO: What Are The Best Working Concepts For New Ads/Niches

[Test #189] Does the Number of H4s on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #190] Does the Number of Un-Optimized Anchor Text Zones on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #191] Does the Number of Images on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #192] Will a Page Index with Keywords Present Only in the Meta Description?

[Test #193] How To Get Your Backlinks Out of Search Console?

[Test #194] Will Google Consider Two Meta Titles on a Page?

[Test #195] If You Have Two Meta Description Tags on a Page,Will Google Use Both of Them?

[Test #196] What is the Impact of Having Multiple Meta Titles?

[Test #197] What’s The Result Of Sending Links from One Domain to Two Different Pages on Another Domain?

[Test #198] Can Five TF10+ Links to a Page with Poor On-Page Beat Pages with Highly Optimized On-Page?

[Test #199] Are The Number of Unoptimized H2s on a Page A Ranking Factor? (Part 2)

[Test #200] Does Google Treat Content in Quotation Marks and Brackets Differently?

Tests 201-300

[Test #201] Does a Giant-Sized Keyword Affect Rank?

[Test #202] Can You Index a Page with HTML Classes or IDs?

[Test #203] Does Google Index the HTML Source Code or the Rendered Document Object Model DOM?

[Test #204] Do HTML IDs or Classes Affect Rank?

[Test #205] Is Google Using a Mobile First Index?

[Test #206] Does Google Treat Content in Quotes and Brackets Differently

[Test #207] Does a Redirect Link Affect Rank?

[Test #208] Is it the Size or the H tag?

[Test #209] Can You Fake Semantic Structure with Font Size?

[Test #210] Do Reciprocal Links Negatively Affect Rank?

[Test #211] Can You Get More Keyword Data From Search ConsoleThrough Downloading Data?

[Test #212] What is The Best Web 2.0 Property?

[Test #213] Can You Manipulate the DOM Timing So that Google Indexes a Keyword That is Not Displayed?

[Test #214] Is Google’s Index Mobile First (Part 2)?

[Test #215] Do Stop Words in URLs Affect Rank?

[Test #216] Which are the Strongest Infographic Sites?

[Test #217] What is the Best Photo Sharing Website?

[Test #218] Do You Need a Unique Page for a Canonical to Pass Juice?

[Test #219] Do Social Monkee Links Positively Impact Rank?

[Test #220] Is an H1 in JavaScript Treated as a Normal H1?

[Test #221] Will Google Index Numerically Sequenced URLs?

[Test #222] Do LSI Affect Rank?

[Test #223] Do Keyword Matches or “Variations” Affect Rank?

[Test #224] Do Meta Refreshes Impact Rank?

[Test #225] Will A Unique Open Graph Title Give a Boost?

[Test #226] Will Google Index a Page for a Keyword in a Figure Tag?

[Test #227] Does Google Images Pick Up Images in Div Tags?

[Test #228] Does Google Detect Duplicate Content If Every 13th Word is Unique?

[Test #229] Does Having the Keyword in the Title of a Page Allow a Link on that Page to Pass More Juice?

[Test #230] Does Having the Keyword in the URL of a Page Allow a Link on that Page to Pass More Juice?

[Test #231] Is an H4 Stronger than an H5?

[Test #232] Is an H5 Stronger than an H6?

[Test #233] Will a Page with a High Resolution Image Outrank a Page with a Low Resolution Image?

[Test #234] Do You Need a Unique Page for a Canonical to Pass Juice?

[Test #235] Will a Keyword in a Sidebar Show Up in the SERPs?

[Test #236] Does Internal Linking with Exact Match Anchors Beat Random Anchors?

[Test #237] Are User Comments Google Ranking Factor?

[Test #238] Do SEO Autopilot Links Improve Rank?

[Test #239] Now that We are in Mobile First, Does Google Read Content Hidden in Dropdown Accordions?

[Test #240] Do Unique Image Alt Tags Boost Ranking?

[Test #241] Which Passes More Internal Link Juice, an Absolute URL or a Relative URL?

[Test #242] Will a Page with the Same Meta Title and H1 Outrank a Page with Different Meta Title and H1?

[Test #243] Will a Silo Help a Target Page Rank?

[Test #244] Do EDU links Improve Rank?

[Test #245] Do Drip Feed Links Affect Rank?

[Test #246] Can You Index a Page with a Keyword in a Twitter Card?

[Test #247] Do Leading Keywords in H2 and H3 Tags Affect Rank?

[Test #248] How Much is Too Much in Terms of Keyword Density?

[Test #249] Do SEO Autopilot Authority Links Improve Rank?

[Test #250] Do URL Shorteners Improve Rank?

[Test #251] Is There a Difference Between Having a YouTube Video or a Wistia Video Embedded?

[Test #252] Can You Index a Page for a Keyword Through Silo Links?

[Test #253] Do Links on Noindex Pages Work? (Part 1)

[Test #254] Do Links on Noindex Pages Work? (Part 2)

[Test #255] Will Google Read Text in a Pixel?

[Test #256] Will Google Find Text in White Font on White Background?

[Test #257] Is “Table of Contents” a Ranking Factor?

[Test #258] How Important is Having the Exact Keyword Phrase?

[Test #259] Do Noindex Nofollow Links Help, Hinder, or Neither?

[Test #260] Will a Figure Caption on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #261] Can You Use Figure Caption Instead Of an Image Alt Tag?

[Test #262] Will a Page Index with Keywords in the Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords?

[Test #263] Do the Number of DoFollow Outbound Links on a Page Impact Rank?

[Test #264] Which Signals Google Does Consider in Indexing?

[Test #265] Is It Possible to Improve Rank Using a Link from a Deindexed Page?

[Test #266] Will iFrame Help with Rankings or Will it Hurt You?

[Test #267] How Important is it to have the Exact Keyword Phrase (Continued)?

[Test #268] Are Hidden Headings Tags (H2, H3) Ranking Factors?

[Test #269] Does the Size of an H1 Affect Rank?

[Test #270] Will Social Signals from SEO Butler Help You Rank?

[Test #271] Is the Sentiment Word “Best” a Ranking Factor?

[Test #272] Is an Inner Page Linking to Itself Getting a Stronger Signal Than an Inner Page Linking Out?

[Test #273] Will a Link from a Sub-Domain of the Same Website Have Any Effect?

[Test #274] Does Google Read Keywords in Image Files?

[Test #275] Are Hidden Outbound Link Tags A Ranking Factor?

[Test #276] What Does It Take To Get A Page Back In SERPs?

[Test #277] Does Direct Traffic from Help Your Rankings?

[Test #278] Exact Match Domain NameDoes All Squished Together Beat Hyphens?

[Test #279] Can We Get The Same Page Rank Results Using Majestic’s Model? (Part 1)

[Test #280] Does Linking to a Google Search Result Containing Search Term Affect Rank?

[Test #281] Does Image Location Matter As A Ranking Factor?

[Test #282] Do Domain Metrics Provide Any Boost at the Page Level?

[Test #283] What’s The Fastest Way to De-Index a Page?

[Test #284] Does Sending Traffic Through a Link Increase the Power of the Link?

[Test #285] Does an Exact Anchor Link From a Tier 1 Internal Directory Page Push Rank?

[Test #286] Is an Internal Page with a Geo Modifier in the URL Stronger Than a Page Without One?

[Test #287] iFrame Overlays – Should You Be Doing Them?

[Test #288] Does Getting a Link From a Page with Schema Pass Through More Juice?

[Test #289] Do the Amount of Internal Links on the Page Correlate with Rank?

[Test #290] Will a Page with a Question in the Title Rank Better than Without?

[Test #291] Does a < div > Tag Make a Difference?

[Test #292] Is TTFB (Time to First Byte) a Ranking Factor?

[Test #293] Does Redirecting a Domain to GMB Boost Rankings?

[Test #294] How Much Keyword Stuffing Does it Take Before Google De-indexes a Page?

[Test #295] Exact Match vs Branded Anchor Text For External Links?

[Test #296] Does Getting a Link From a Page with Schema Pass Through More Juice (Update)?

[Test #297] Will Adding an H2 in a Sidebar Affect Rank?

[Test #298] Will A Single Keyword Instance Index?

[Test #299] Will Adding a < nav > tag to a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #300] Should You Use Image Fields For Image Indexing?

Tests 301-400

[Test #301] Does Sending Links to a Page with an iFrame Help Boost the Source of the iFrame?

[Test #302] Does Adding a Tag Page with Canonical Act Like an Internal Link?

[Test #303] Does a Keyword’s Distance From the Top of a Page Matter?

[Test #304] Which Has The Most SEO Advantage: WordPress vs Joomla?

[Test #305] Will a Page Receiving a PBN Link Outrank a Page with a Link From a Web 2.0 Site?

[Test #306] Can Google Read Images?

[Test #307] Does an Exact Match Anchor Move the Needle More as an H2, H3, H4, H5, or in the Paragraph?

[Test #308] Does a Page with HTML < u > Tag Outrank a Page Without?

[Test #309] CTR in the Wild – Will Artificially Increasing Click Through Rate Affect Rank?

[Test #310] Can We Get The Same Page Rank Results Using Majestic’s Model? (Part 2)

[Test #311] Do You Get Credit For Heavy Internal Linking from Ranking Pages?

[Test #312] Will Adding a Question in the Page Title Affect Rank?

[Test #313] Is the Meta Description a Ranking Factor?

[Test #314] Does Minute Random Variance (a.k.a. MRV) Affect Rank?

[Test #315] Does a CSS Background Overlay Affect Rank?

[Test #316] Are NoFollow Comment Links A Ranking Factor?

[Test #317] Similar to the Concept of Page Rank for Links, Does Schema have Different Strengths?

[Test #318] Is An Email Address on the Page A Ranking Factor?

[Test #319] How Does Google Treat Content in a Blockquote?

[Test #320] Do All SEO Tools Come Up with the Same Word Count?

[Test #321] Does Distance Between Words in a Keyword Phrase Matter?

[Test #322] Will a PBN Link Help Boost a Page’s Rank? (Part 2)

[Test #323] Will Writing City and State in an H1 with a Comma Outrank Writing City and State Without a Comma?

[Test #324] Will eCommerce Sites Pages NoIndex With Too Many Filters?

[Test #325] Do Inserted Links in Canonical Pages Count?

[Test #326] Does Hidden Content on Mobile Negatively Affect Rank?

[Test #327] Will an Internal Link With Schema Pass More Juice Than an External Link Without Schema?

[Test #328] Are Meta Keywords A Ranking Factor?

[Test #329] How Does Google Treat Content in a Blockquote? (Part 2)

[Test #330] How Does Google Treat “High Authority” Content in a Blockquote?

[Test #331] How Good is The BulkAddUrl Indexing Service?

[Test #332] Can You Optimize For A Misspelled Word Or Will Keyword Switcheroo Happen?

[Test #333] Will a Page With a Keyword in an Embedded MyMap Appear in The SERPs?

[Test #334] Does LSI proximity Affect Rank?

[Test #335] Does Having a Question Mark in the Title Affect Rankings?

[Test #336] Is there a Correlation Between the Number of Pages per Topic and Rankings?

[Test #337] Is there a Preferred Number of Images?

[Test #338] Inner linking in Silo: Is Topical Better than Non-Topical?

[Test #339] Does Adding a Tag Page with Canonical Act Like an Internal Link? (Part 2)

[Test #340] Do Sentences per Paragraph Length Matter?

[Test #341] Google Analytics – Is it a factor?

[Test #342] Will an HTML Page Rank Better than a WP Page?

[Test #343] What Is The Index Rate of BulkAddURL Indexing Service?

[Test #344] What is the Best Domain Extension To Use?

[Test #345] What is Colinkri’s Indexing Rate?

[Test #346] Can Colinkri Be Used As A Google Crawler?

[Test #347] Will Adding Links to BulkAddURL Boost Rankings?

[Test #348] Do No-follow Links Consume Page Rank?

[Test #349] Do Paragraphs with Less Sentences Rank Better Than Pages with Longer Sentences?

[Test #350] Do Paragraphs with Shorter Sentences Rank Better Then Pages with Longer Sentences? (Part 2)

[Test #351] Do Table of Contents Placement Matter?

[Test #352] Is Google Tag Manager a Ranking Factor?

[Test #353] Does a Link From an HTML Page Pass More Juice than from a WordPress Page?

[Test #354] Does a Link from a Site with HTTPS Pass More Link Juice than a Site with HTTP?

[Test #355] Does A Niche-Relevant PBN With a Lower SEO Metric Work Better Than a Generic PBN with High SEO Metrics?

[Test #356] Does a 301 Redirect From a Non-Relevant Topical Site Still Help a Page Rank?

[Test #357] Does Link Spinning Increase Ranking Potential for Different Keywords with a Single Link?

[Test #358] Do #Anchor Links Pass Juice?

[Test #359] How Many Videos on a Page is Optimal?

[Test #360] Can Google Crawl JavaScript Links (Onclick)?

[Test #361] Does the Number of Words in Blockquotes Matter?

[Test #362] What Is The Best Extension To Use? (Top 5)

[Test #363] What Is The Best Domain Extension To Link From?

[Test #364] What’s Better: An Aged Domain Or New(ish) Domain NOT HOSTED?

[Test #365] What’s Better: Aged vs. Aged – Hosted With Content Or Not Hosted?

[Test #366] What’s BetterAged Site that’s Hosted and with Content vs New Site that is Hosted and with Content?

[Test #367] What’s Better: Aged Site Or Domain Extensions?

[Test #368] What’s Better: Aged Site vs. New Site Linking From Index To Inner Page?

[Test #369] Will a Link On a Domain With Just Age (no previous hosting) Beat a Link From a Newer Site?

[Test #370] Will A Link From An Older Site That Has Been Hosted Beat A Link From A Newer Site?

[Test #371] What Site Has The Best Linking Power?

[Test #372] Can “Keyword in City” Outrank “Keyword City” When Searching “Keyword City”? (Part1)

[Test #373] Can “Keyword in City” Outrank “Keyword City” When Searching “Keyword City”? (Part2)

[Test #374] Will a Link to an Internal Link Speed-up The Positive Impact of a Link?

[Test #375] Can NoFollowing a Link Retain Link Juice on a Page?

[Test #376] Is Article Schema a Ranking Factor?

[Test #377] Does Having AdSense on a Site Help with Rankings?

[Test #378] Does the Number of Words per Sentence Help with Rankings?

[Test #379] Does a Branded Link Rank Better than a Naked URL?

[Test #380] Press Release Services Compared: Which is Better MagicPR or Press Advantage?

[Test #381] How Many Images On A Page Best Helps Ranking?

[Test #382] Does Linking-out to an Authority Site Benefit More Than Linking-out to a Low-Authority, Less Trusted Site?

[Test #383] Does Google Read Hidden Text In Accordions?

[Test #384] Does Google Pick Up Alpha-Numeric Keywords?

[Test #385] Does AdSense Tank a Site?

[Test #386] Is An Embed Of Driving Directions Help A Page Rank?

[Test #387] Does Replacing Your Article Help Your Page Rank?

[Test #388] Are Keywords in LI Tags in Navigation a Stronger Factor than Keywords in LI tags in the Body?

[Test #389] Can a Bio Linked to a Valid LinkedIn Account Increase Rank?

[Test #390] Does Having an Embedded Google Map on a Page Help Rank?

[Test #391] What Are The Best Link Packages?

[Test #392] Is There Power of Links Within An Unordered HTML Code?

[Test #393] Are Keywords in LI Tags in Navigation a Stronger Factor than Keywords in LI Tags in the Body? (Part2)

[Test #394] Does Having a Later ‘Date Modified’ in Schema Have a Ranking Effect?

[Test #395] Is There Power of Links Within An Ordered List HTML Code?

[Test #396] Does Embedding Images Affect Rank?

[Test #397] Can a Link Out to a Google Approved News Site Increase Rank?

[Test #398] Which Provides More Benefit, Linking Out to a .Gov or to a .Org site?

[Test #399] What’s Best:Reverse vs. Non-Reverse Silo?

[Test #400] What’s Best: Linked Supporting Pages vs. Non-Linked Silo?

Tests 401-500

[Test #401] Does an Unlinked Authority Domain in the Body Content Affect Rank?

[Test #402] Does SEO AP Social Bookmarking HQ Links Affect Rank? (Part 1)

[Test #403] Does SEO AP Social Bookmarking Links Affect Rank? (Part 2)

[Test #404] Does SEO AP Forum Profile Links Affect Rank?

[Test #405] Does SEO AP URL Shorteners Affect Rank?

[Test #406] Does SEO AP Authority Links Affect Rank?

[Test #407] Does a Brand Citation in the Body Content Affect Rank?

[Test #408] Does Rel Sponsored Stops Link Juice from Flowing?

[Test #409] Does Rel UGC Stops Link Juice from Flowing?

[Test #410] Does the Number of H2s on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #411] Will the sameAs Schema with Wikipedia Link Help Rank a Page?

[Test #412] Which Is Stronger: PNG VS JPG? (Retest)

[Test #413] Will the additional Type Schema with Wikipedia Link Help Rank a Page?

[Test #414] Will the Mentions Schema with Wikipedia Links Help Rank a Page?

[Test #415] Can You Over-Use Capitalization (Retest)

[Test #416] Does SEO AP EDU Links Affect Rank?

[Test #417] Does SEO AutoPilot PDF Links Affect Rank?

[Test #418] Does SEO AutoPilot Web 2.0 Links Affect Rank?

[Test #419] Does SEO AutoPilot Wiki Links Affect Rank?

[Test #420] Does SEO AutoPilot Profile Links Affect Rank?

[Test #421] Does SEO AutoPilot Web 2.0 Blog Links Affect Rank?

[Test #422] Does Repeating The Whole Article In Schema Boost Rankings?

[Test #423] Does Linking-out to a .Gov Site Increase Rank?

[Test #424] Do HTML Comments Affect Rank Negatively?

[Test #425] Keyword Placement: Should You Put Your Keyword in the Beginning/Middle/ or End of the Title(Retest)

[Test #426] Does Linking-out to a .Org Site Increase Rank?

[Test #427] Does the Amount of YouTube Subscribers/Views Influence Rank When Embedding on a Page?

[Test #428] Will Embedding a YouTube Video in a Page Boost Rank?

[Test #429] Will JavaScript on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #430] Do Twitter Moments Have Backlink Value?

[Test #431] Have The Word Count Test Results Changed? (2020)

[Test #432] Is Text to HTML Ratio A Ranking Factor?

[Test #433] Can You Index With A HTML Sitemap?

[Test #434] Which is Better, <Strong> or <Bold>?

[Test #435] Does The GSA Indexer Work?

[Test #436] Is InstantLinkIndexer Worth It?

[Test #437] Is SpeedLinks Worth It? (Retest)

[Test #438] Is Loading Time a Ranking Factor?

[Test #439] Retest – Do Keywords in H2 and H3 Tags Affect Rank?

[Test #440] Does the Number of H2s on a Page Affect Rank? (Continuation)

[Test #441] What Percentage Of Unique Content Do You Need, To Pass The “Duplicate Filter”?

[Test #442] Can You Add Images To Content To Avoid The “Duplicate Filter”?

[Test #443] Can We Trick Google To Pass The “Duplicate Filter” With 0% Unique Content?

[Test #444] Is the <Address> Tag A Strong Ranking Factor?

[Test #445] Can We Shuffle Words To Make It Unique?

[Test #446] Can We Shuffle Paragraphs To Make It Unique?

[Test #447] Can We Shuffle Sentences in Paragraphs To Make It Unique

[Test #448] Will An Original Image Beat A Stock Image? (Retest)

[Test #449] Does A PNG Or GIF Rank Better? (Retest)

[Test #450] Does Google Read Hidden Text?

[Test #451] Do The Number Of Clicks From The Homepage Matter In Terms Of Page Structure?

[Test #452] Can You Get Weak On-page Factors To Index Using A Unique Image?

[Test #453] Will A Silo Work More Effectively On A Strong Domain?

[Test #454] Do Links From Google Docs Help?

[Test #455] Does Video Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #456] Does FAQ Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #457] Does Breadcrumb Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #458] Does Article Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #459] Does Recipe Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #460] Does Product/Offer Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #461] Does Image Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #462] Does How To Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #463] Does Q & A Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #464] Does Job Posting Schema Help Rankings?

[Test #465] Will Linking-out To Amazon Using A JavaScript Generated Hyperlink (document.write) Help With Rank?

[Test #466] Can Link Juice Pass Through A Google Site?

[Test #467] Do PDF Links Pass Juice?

[Test #468] Will The Words “Covid-19” In The Page Body Negatively Impact Rank?

[Test #469] Will The Words “Covid-19” In The Title Negatively Impact Rank?

[Test #470] What’s BetterMajestic Trust Flow Or Ahrefs UR/DR?

[Test #471] What’s Stronger: A Link From A Homepage Or A Link From An Orphan Page?

[Test #472] Does The Length Of A Non-Keyworded Path Have An Impact On Ranking?

[Test #473] Will Google Read Pop-up Text?

[Test #474] Will Google Read Pop-up Text? (Part 2)

[Test #475] Will Google Read Text Overwritten By JavaScript?

[Test #476] Will Google Read Hidden Text within JavaScript?

[Test #477] Can You Over-Use Capitalization In The Title?

[Test #478] Retest: Does The Number Of H1s On A Page Affect Rank?

[Test #479] Is Rotating Content A Ranking Factor?

[Test #480] Is There Any Power In Exact Match Subdomains?

[Test #481] Will Google Read Accordion Text? (Part 1)

[Test #482] Will Google Read Accordion Text? (Part 2)

[Test #483] Linking-out To vs

[Test #484] Will Pipe And Dash Delimiters In The Title Make A Difference?

[Test #485] How Important Is A Keyword Within The First 100 Words?

[Test #486] Will Linking-out To An Authority Site Using A Hot-linked Image Boost Rank?

[Test #487] Is Keyword In ID Tag A Ranking Factor?

[Test #488] What’s Better: One Trust Flow 30 Link vs. Three Trust Flow 10 Links?

[Test #489] Does Link Placement On The Page Matter?

[Test #490] Does The Image Name Affect Rank (Keyword.png vs filename.png)?

[Test #491] Do Hot-linked Images Send Juice?

[Test #492] Which is Better to Add in the Alt Tag – Keyword only or Sentences?

[Test #493] Can You Combine The Power Of Having The Keyword in The Filename and Folder Name?

[Test #494] Will Human CTR Manipulation Through Serpclix Trial Boost Rank?

[Test #495] Will “Who Will” And “Who Would” Question Words In The Title Affect Rank?

[Test #496] Will The First Three Cora Default Sentiment Words Added To The H1 Boost Rank?

[Test #497] Will The First Three Default Cora Recency Words In H1 Tag Boost Rank?

[Test #498] Can We Increase Keyword Density By Hiding The Stuffing Of Keywords In Image By Using Opacity?

[Test #499] Does Keyword Position In Body Content Affect Rankings?

[Test #500] Is It Possible To Get More Boost Out Of The Folder’s Names?

Tests 501-600

[Test #501] Does A Link From An Aged Page Beat A Link From A New Page?

[Test #502] Do Non-Public Google My Maps Still Have Ranking Value?

[Test #503] Do Non-Public Google Drawings Still Have Ranking Value?

[Test #504] How Many Keywords Is Best To Add In Popup Text?

[Test #505] Will Putting Links On Help With Rank?

[Test #506] Do Non-Public Google Slides Still Have Ranking Value?

[Test #507] Do Non-Public Google Documents Still Have Ranking Value?

[Test #508] Do Non-Public Google Sheets Still Have Ranking Value?

[Test #509] How Many Links Will It Take To Beat This Root TF 28?

[Test #510] Can You Cloak A Page Using Http/1 Redirect For Googlebot?

[Test #511] Do Non-Public Google Sheets With Links Have Ranking Value (Phase 2)?

[Test #512] Do Non-Public Google Documents Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 2)?

[Test #513] Do Non-Public Google Slides Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 2)?

[Test #514] Do Non-Public Google Drawings Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 2)?

[Test #515] Do Non-Public Google My Maps Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 2)?

[Test #516] Does Link Share Increase Rank?

[Test #517] Will Duplicate Meta Descriptions Affect Rank?

[Test #518] Is There A Domain Age Bias In The SERPs?

[Test #519] Should You Avoid Using Keyword Rich Anchor Text for Internal Links?

[Test #520] Will A Keyword Placed In The Last 100 Words of Content Rank Better Than A Keyword In The First 100?

[Test #521] Is It possible To Index Pages With The Chrome Browser?

[Test #522] Do Non-Public Google Drawings Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 3)?

[Test #523] Do Non-Public Google Sheets With Links Have Ranking Value (Phase 3)?

[Test #524] Do Non-Public Google Documents Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 3)?

[Test #525] Do Non-Public Google My Maps Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 3)?

[Test #526] Do Non-Public Google Slides Still Have Ranking Value (Phase 3)?

[Test #527] Continuation Of Test 509 – How Many Links Will It Take To Beat This Root TF 28 / URL TF of 40?

[Test #528] Ahrefs vs Majestic vs MOZ – Which Can Predict Ranking?

[Test #529] Will A GMB Linked Back To A Page Boost Rank?

[Test #530] Will The First Three Cora Default Commercial Words Added To The H1 Boost Rank

[Test #531] Will Having Your Keywords In HTML Comments Increase Rank?

[Test #532] Does Having Unique Meta Descriptions Overcome Filtering?

[Test #533] Does Having Unique Meta Description and Meta Charset Overcome Filtering?

[Test #534] Does Having Unique Title, Meta Description, and Meta Charset Overcome Filtering?

[Test #535] Does Making 10 Pages on 10 Domains For The Same Keyword Overcome Filtering For Testing?

[Test #536] Is Using Domain Authority Suitable in Testing Setups?

[Test #537] Does Using The Google Indexing API Work When Not Using Job or BroadCast Event Schema?

[Test #538] Will Putting A What3words Map Link On A Page Help With Ranking?

[Test #539] Can Adding HTML Attributes With Keywords Affect Ranking?

[Test #540] Will Putting Links In YouTube Comments Help With Ranking?

[Test #541] Will Putting YouTube Links In The Description Help With Ranking?

[Test #542] Can You Use 1 x 1 Pixels To Boost Image Count And Add Keywords To Img Tags?

[Test #543] Will A Brand-new Website With No Public-Side Content Rank With Just Advanced Schema?

[Test #544] Does JobPosting Schema Increase Indexing When Using Google Indexing API?

[Test #545] Does JobPosting Schema Increase Ranking When Using Google Indexing API?

[Test #546] Which Is Better – .com/, .net/, or .org?

[Test #547] Does A 404 Page Pass Link Juice When The Target Page URL Is On It?

[Test #548] Are Alt Tags Important?

[Test #549] Can we pass juice through posts?

[Test #550] Will Just Having The Words ‘Guest Post’ On A Page Harm Rank?

[Test #551] Will Just Having The Words ‘Sponsored Post’ On A Page Harm Rank?

[Test #552] Will Social Shares Boost Rank?

[Test #553] Does CloudFlare’s APO Service Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

[Test #554] Will Linking-out To Cambridge University Give A Ranking Benefit?

[Test #555] Will Purchasing A Cheap 301 Link Coming From Newspaper Boost Rank?

[Test #556] Is There Such A Thing As ‘First Link Bias?’

[Test #557] Do Blog Comments Still Boost Rank?

[Test #558] Will Social Profile Links Move A Page?

[Test #559] Can We Tank A Page By Sending Exact Match Anchors (Payday Loans) To A Buffer Page That Links To The Test Page Using Generic Anchor Text?

[Test #560] Will Having The Words ‘Sponsored Event’ In The <h2> Negatively Impact Rank?

[Test #561] Can Domain Authority in Testing Setups Affect Rank?

[Test #562] What Email Services For Outreach Purposes Are Helpful?

[Test #563] Does Redirecting A Google Stack Improve Rankings?

[Test #564] For Internal Links, which is better – Exact Match or Partial Match Anchor Text?

[Test #565] Is There Any Effect On Updating Small Bits Of Content On A Page On Rankings?

[Test #566] Does Changing The Content Of An Entire Page Help In Increasing Rank?

[Test #567] Will Having Your Keyword In An <a> tag Influence Rank?

[Test #568] Will Updating The Publishing Date Of A Post Affect Rank?

[Test #569] Will Links In Commented Out HTML Improve Rank?

[Test #570] Which Type of Backlink Is More Powerful?

[Test #571] Can I Extract Something Meaningful Using The NLP API and Python?

[Test #572] Do Blogger Blogs Provide A Ranking Boost?

[Test #573] Will A Bitly Shortener Pass Juice?

[Test #574] Is A New Google Site A Good Backlink Source?

[Test #575] Will A PBN Homepage Link Outrank An Inner Page And An Orphan Page?

[Test #576] Does an Excerpt Post Syndication To Blogger Help Rankings?

[Test #577] Will Having The Words ‘Promoted Post’ Negatively Affect Rank?

[Test #578] Does A Full Post Syndication To Blogger Help Rankings?

[Test #579] Do Nofollow Links Pass Juice?

[Test #580] Does Blogger Provide A Ranking Boost When Used As A T1?

[Test #581] Will Linking IFTTT To Twitter, WordPress, And Tumblr Affect Rank Of A Page?

[Test #582] Is Google Analytics A Ranking Factor?

[Test #583] How Can H2 Positioning In Sentence Help A Content?

[Test #584] Will Having ‘Write for us’ On A Page Negatively Affect Rank?

[Test #585] Retest of Test #434: Which Is Better To Use In A Content,<Strong> VS <Bold> Html Tag?

[Test #586] What is the Indexing Rate of Omega Indexing Service? (Retest)

[Test #587] What is the Indexing Rate of SpeedLinks Indexing Service? (Retest)

[Test #588] How Long Does It Take For Links To Work?

[Test #589] Do Amazon Affiliate Links Devalue A Page?

[Test #590] Can a 404 Error Comment on a Page Affect Rank?

[Test #591] Is Keyword Density Important for Indexing and Ranking?