Can You Gain SEO Benefit By Building Links to WP-Admin in 2024?

Is there any SEO value in linking to the wp-admin or wp-login urls? We put this theory to the test, and here's what we discovered...
SIA Team
January 13, 2024

Does building links to a WP-Admin page positively affect Rank?

This is the question we asked ourselves. (If you’re not sure what the wp-admin (or wp-login) page is, it’s simply the URL of a WordPress installation where the webmaster logs in.)

SIA tests

What We Did

Basically, we built 5 identical pages. One of them ranked in the #2 position (for an obscure keyword).

We then quickly built 500 links to that page. (This rapid link-building pace isn’t usually recommended, but we wanted to see fast results, whether they be negative or positive.)

Test Result

What Our Testing Revealed

Two words: No movement.

We feel that the 500 links we built should’ve had some effect on the ranking of the page–whether it be negative or positive.

There was none at all.

A Tentative Conclusion

Perhaps further, more extensive testing is needed to come to a definitive conclusion. That said, we’ve been doing SEO testing for years, and we can tentatively say that building links to a wp-admin/wp-login page has no impact on ranking.

Content Strategy

The Importance of Link-Building

Perhaps one of the first things you learned about SEO was that link-building is something that many consider a key role in increased search engine rankings.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that if you don’t know what you are doing, link-building should be done to look as natural as possible.

The ideal situation for someone just starting out with links is link-building should be a natural consequence of something you’re doing. This can be content creation, content curation, press releases, publishing videos to YouTube, posting to your Facebook group, or any manner of activities.

If you are are seasoned SEO, have a higher risk tolerance or know what you are doing with links, check out SEONitro links by Dori Friend.

Always Look for Little-Known Advantages

Unfortunately, especially in the past, a lot of loopholes (SEO hacks that were easy to exploit for good rankings) would become widely-known, and then, automated and widely abused. Then, there would be search engine updates, and that update would minimize the effectiveness of those hacks.

At the SEO Intelligence Agency (SIA), we’re always looking to test both widely-held SEO assumptions, as well as little-known ‘hacks’ and innovations.

The good thing about looking for little-known advantages is that if you find one that works (and that is in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines), you can benefit from that finding. And, if it’s little-known, it (hopefully) won’t be a widely-abused tactic.

Further WP Admin Customization May Break WordPress…So Minimize Doing This

There are some ways to change or mask the url of a wp-login page, but we don’t really see any need to do this.

If someone, due to security concerns, wants to do this, then we recommend it be done carefully.  We say this because WordPress seems to be hard-coded to have a certain login url.

If something is altered with that arrangement, issues could ensue.

What Is The WP-Admin/WP-Login Page?

If you manage or log into WordPress sites, you know what a wp-admin page is. It’s basically the behind-the-scenes area of a WordPress site.

SIA Team

About The SEO Intelligence Agency, LLC (SIA)

The SIA is a group of SEO professionals who are dedicated primarily to using test-verified results to yield the facts about SEO.

We take an experimental, let’s-test-it approach to bringing you the facts about what works.

We do this by applying the scientific method to testing certain assumed myths or statements.

This myth or statement becomes the hypothesis we want to test. We use single-variant testing, which just means that we only change  one variable.

What is the SIA

Our experiment involves changing a single variable. We then measure the result.

For example, in this test, the hypothesis we wanted to test was building links to your wp-admin/wp-login page will lead to a ranking change.

So, the variable was the building of links to a wp-admin page. What we wanted to measure was whether there was any ranking impact.

This is what separates SEONitro and the SIA from most other SEO sources. Instead of perpetuating myths and half-truths, we take the time to make a hypothesis and test it.

We then share our results with our members.

They say that knowledge is power (although, I like to say that it’s potential power).

That knowledge becomes actual power when it’s put to good use.

When you have the results-proven benefit of our studies, you’ll have the power to make your next SEO-oriented moves that are not based on hearsay or half-truths, but on proven fact.

Case in point: you know that building links to a wp-admin page will probably not result in any measurable ranking change.

Imagine making an SEO decision, and feeling certain that it’ll result in some type of benefit to your company. No more second-guessing.

DK Fynn