New Video: How to Set Goals in Google Analytics

In life, setting goals is important. It’s also one of the first things you should do in Google Analytics.

When Google tweets about something that pertains to you, it’s usually good to–at least–read the tweet. Yesterday (October 13th, 2021), Google tweeted about a new video: 

The tweet linked to an 18-minute, 2-second video by MeasureSchool, which is on YouTube, titled, How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics (2021).

NOTE: From reading the comments on YouTube, this video is allegedly for an earlier version of Google Analytics, not the more recent Google Analytics 4. 

Here is the video’s table of contents. (Each time stamp should open a separate browser tab/window.)

00:00 – Introduction 

00:59 – Goal Selection 

02:16 – Duration Type 

04:46 – Pages/Screens per Session Type

05:57 – Event Type 

08:03 – Destination Type 

12:26 – Source/Medium Report 

13:09 – Funnel Visualisation Report 

15:36 – Source/Medium Required Field 

17:33 – Summary 

Why Goal-Setting Is Important

Well…Google Analytics does measure some default data, so it’s an okay start.

But come on…you want real success, right?

And how do you know if something’s successful? 

Well, from a data perspective, you measure it.

And you do that by configuring goals. (That’s the start, anyway. Google Analytics can measure many, many data points, and it can be a very nuanced platform, but goals are one of the first places to start.)

And speaking of nuances, as you saw from the video’s table of contents (above), there are many aspects of goals that you need to take into consideration, such as duration, session, events, destinations, etc. 

If you want to set goals right, you can start with the video featured above. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel