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Listicles have become a ubiquitous and popular format for presenting information in a concise and engaging manner.

Combining the power of lists with informative content, listicles offer readers a quick and digestible way to consume valuable insights, tips, and recommendations.

Whether it's a compilation of the best resources, a collection of actionable steps, or a roundup of expert opinions, listicles provide a structured format that caters to our fast-paced world.

In this article, we'll explore the essence of listicles, why they work so well, best practices for creating compelling listicles, and how to give them that extra edge.

Get ready to dive into the world of listicles and discover their potential to captivate and inform.

Here is what you will read in this article:

  • What Are Listicles?
  • Why Do Listicles Work So Well?
    • People are in a hurry
    • Easy to Write
    • Easy to Preview
    • Comprehensive
  • Best Practices
    • Choose a Format For Your Listicle
      • The Simple List
      • The Expanded List Post
      • "Best of" List Posts
    • Choose a Topic
      • Use BuzzSumo
      • Your Own Expertise
      • Keywords
    • Create a Roundup With Influencers
  • Give Your Listicle Extra Detail
  • Tips and Advanced Strategies
  • Conclusion

What Are Listicles?

Listicles (also known as "list posts") are articles that are written in a list-based format.

They typically consist of a short list of 10-20 items centered around a specific theme.

However, modern listicles have evolved to include additional information and details for each item, making them more informative and engaging.

Why Do Listicles Work So Well?

Here are some reasons that listicles work well:

People are in a hurry

  • With our fast-paced lifestyles, people often find themselves short on time.
  • Listicles are the perfect format for such individuals as they provide information in a concise and easily digestible manner.
  • The bullet-point style of listicles allows readers to quickly scan and consume the most important details without having to invest significant time.

Easy to Write

  • From the perspective of content creators, listicles are a breeze to write.
  • Compared to other blog post formats like ultimate guides and case studies, listicles require less time and effort.
  • All you need to do is compile a list of 10-20 items, provide some relevant information, and you're good to go.
  • In some cases, you can even curate existing content to create a compelling listicle.

Easy to Preview

  • Listicles offer a clear preview of what readers can expect.
  • Just like magazine covers utilize numbered lists in their copy, list post titles like "15 Ways to Grow Your Blog" provide a glimpse of the content in advance.
  • This preview feature helps readers make informed decisions about which listicles they want to explore further, increasing the likelihood of engagement.


  • List posts don't have to be limited to short and concise formats.
  • They can also serve as comprehensive resources, presenting all the necessary information on a specific topic in one place.
    • These comprehensive listicles aim to become the go-to authoritative sources on their respective subjects.
    • For example, consider a listicle showcasing Google's 200+ ranking factors or an extensive list of SEO tools.

Best Practices

All parts of an article should follow best practices, for both the customer and for the search engines. 

It's important to follow the best format for each list in your article.

To improve your listicle strategy, consider the following steps:

Choose a Format For Your Listicle

There are three formats you can choose from when creating a list.

Formats for a listicle include:

The Simple List

  • The simple list is a straightforward format that presents a short and concise list of items.
  • It works well for various topics such as travel destinations, artwork, DSLR cameras, or content marketing strategies.
  • Although simple lists may have a reputation for clickbait, you can ensure your list post delivers valuable content, exceeding readers' expectations.

The Expanded List Post

  • The expanded list post adds more depth and detail to each item on the list.
  • Unlike traditional listicles that provide minimal information, expanded list posts offer actionable steps, screenshots, examples, and additional context.
  • This format is ideal for practical how-to content, allowing readers to implement the tips and strategies directly from the listicle.

"Best of" List Posts

  • "Best of" list posts are effective for recognizing and featuring the best people, bloggers, quotes, or resources within a specific field.
  • By showcasing individuals or entities and notifying them of their inclusion, you can leverage their influence and encourage them to share your list post.
  • Additionally, incorporating an element of gamification, such as voting for favorites, can further engage your audience.

Choose a Topic

It's important to keep your listicles all on the same topic.  If you have a lengthy article, a good practice is to create several different listicles for each topic.

Here are some tips to help you choose a topic:

Use BuzzSumo

  • BuzzSumo is a valuable tool for finding trending topics that receive a significant amount of shares.
  • By using BuzzSumo's filtering options, you can specifically search for list posts that are gaining popularity.
  • This allows you to identify popular topics that are suitable for creating engaging listicles.

Your Own Expertise

  • Tap into your own expertise and knowledge to identify topics that you can easily create listicles around.
  • Consider the areas where you have extensive experience or unique insights.
    • For example, if you have spent years building a successful YouTube channel, you can create a listicle sharing valuable tips and tricks you have learned along the way.


  • Conduct keyword research to discover what people are actively searching for.
  • Look for keywords that are well-suited for listicles.
  • For instance, keywords like "SEO tips" often yield search results dominated by list posts.
  • By targeting these keywords, you increase the chances of your listicle ranking prominently in search engine results.

Create a Roundup With Influencers

  • A roundup listicle involves collaborating with influencers and experts in your industry.
  • Instead of curating existing content, you collect new quotes, advice, or favorite tools from these influencers.
  • By including their insights in your listicle, you enhance its credibility and attract the attention of both the influencers and their followers.
  • This can lead to increased exposure, traffic, and potential social media shares.

Give Your Listicle Extra Detail

While many listicles tend to be brief and to the point, adding extra detail can make your listicle stand out and provide more value to readers.

Consider including the following elements beneath each item on your list:

  • Actionable steps
  • Screenshots
  • Extra context
  • Examples
  • Visualizations
  • Video tutorials
  • Infographics

By incorporating these additional details, your listicle becomes a comprehensive resource that goes beyond a simple list.

This not only increases its usefulness but also improves its chances of ranking well in search engines.

Tips and Advanced Strategies

To create an outstanding listicle, consider implementing the following tips and advanced strategies:

  • Add filters and interactive elements to enhance user experience.
    • For example, include filtering options in your listicle, allowing readers to easily find the specific information they're looking for.
  • Utilize numbering in your post title to clearly indicate the number of items in your list. This provides readers with a clear expectation of the list's size and scope.
  • After publishing your listicle, use tools like SEMrush to identify websites that have linked to similar listicles.
    • Reach out to those websites and inform them about your listicle, increasing the chances of them linking to and sharing your content.
  • Contact and engage with individuals or websites that you mentioned or linked to in your listicle.
    • This helps build connections, fosters relationships and may result in increased visibility and promotion of your content.


Listicles have revolutionized the way information is presented and consumed in the digital age.

With their concise format and structured organization, listicles offer readers a convenient and engaging way to access valuable content.

From quick tips to comprehensive guides, listicles cater to the needs of busy individuals who seek information that is easily scannable and digestible.

As we continue to navigate the digital landscape, the popularity and effectiveness of listicles are likely to endure, making them a valuable tool for both content creators and consumers alike.

So, whether you're looking to share insights, provide recommendations, or entertain, consider harnessing the power of listicles to deliver impactful and memorable content to your audience.

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