Ads Leading to Pages with Intrusive Advertising will be Rejected by Google

The new rules must be followed by advertisers by the end of October, or Google will stop approving their ads.
SIA Team
September 8, 2022

According to the Coalition For Better Ads, emails have been sent to Google Ads users informing advertisers of a policy change requiring landing pages to abide by the “better ads standards” until October 2022.

“The Destination requirements policy will be updated to include a new policy requiring ad experiences on destinations to conform to the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards. Destinations containing ad experiences that do not conform to the Better Ads Standards will be informed via the Ad Experience Report, and any ads that lead to such destinations will be disapproved,” Google said on their recent blog post.

According to a modification to Google’s destination requirements policy, if an advertisement directs users to a page that doesn’t meet the better ad standards, Google will not approve the advertisement. 

Pop-up ads, auto playing video ads with sound, ads that prevent users from viewing the main content, countdown pre- and post-roll ads, big sticky ads that stay on a page as a user scrolls, ads with an ad density of more than 30%, and flashing animated ads are examples of ads that do not adhere to the better ads standards.

Google doesn’t want marketers directing users to websites with intrusive or bothersome ad experiences. If users landing pages have been optimized for Google’s page experience update, they may already comply with the better ads standards.