ATTN: All B2C Businesses: Google’s Free, Virtual Holiday Planning Event Is on August 31st, 2021

The “now near me” search phrase is rising. Let Google staff show you how to steer consumer trends toward your business.
SIA Team
August 6, 2021

If you’re a business-to-consumer business owner who’s planning for the 2021 Q4 holiday, and you’re willing to take a small step to improving your digital marketing, I think Google’s upcoming planning event will be of interest to you.

I’m sure you know that not only have people worldwide come to adopt, and even expect, digitally-viable shopping solutions, but that “now near me” (not just “near me,” but “now near me”)  is an increasing search trend in Google Trends

You’ve probably also guessed that “curbside pickup” is on the rise–5000% year-over-year, according to Google

What you may not know are the little nuances and cutting-edge shopping insights that only someone on the inside–like the 4 Google staff you’ll meet–know about. 

These shopping insights, coupled with Google-oriented approaches to marketing solutions, will definitely give the action-taking business owner at least a slight edge over their competition.

Imagine having your featured product more visible to people searching for it. (yes, SEO is one way to do it, but there are ways to go beyond that.)

The Implications of “now near me” Vs. Just “near me”

To me, one obvious implication of the emergence of “now near me” is what makes them different: business hours. 

Of course, a person who wants something now, wants it…now. So, having your business registered in Google My Business (GMB), with current business hours, will let your searcher know if your business is open now.

You know how you may extend your hours during the holidays? Be sure to update that in your GMB listings, so that a person who’s local, who’s shopping late in the day, using “near me now,” will see that you’re open. 

The Think Retail on Air Virtual Event, August 31st, 2021, 10AM, PDT

The aim of this event is for Google to share insights into consumer behaviour, shopping-related category and product trends, and Google solutions that can prepare you for the holidays. 

This event will feature at least 6 industry experts, 4 of which are from Google, one from Best Buy, and one from Boston Consulting Group.

The virtual event will start with a keynote, after which will be the hands-on sessions. With the hands-on sessions, attendees will have some choice, as the sessions are individually oriented toward different business needs. 

More specifically, attendees who want more of a holistic overview can watch the session on holiday best practices, which is more for online and in-store sales. 

There’s also at least one session on advanced growth strategies, which is a look at specific product solutions. 

In summary, for owners of business-to-consumer businesses who want to have a successful 2021 holiday season, this seems like a generous educational offering from Google that will be time well spent…if you take action on what you learn.

Source: The Keyword Google Blog