Creator Insights: New YouTube Series Offers Content Creation Insights from Top Content Creators

Yes, consistent content creation can seem daunting. Here's how the best plan it, do it, and continue doing so.
SIA Team
July 23, 2021

A typical YouTuber who has to:

-continuously create content (especially if you can’t rely on trends or news to spark ideas),
-come up with ideas,
-maintain an audience,
-try to modify their content for different platforms…

…and do the many tasks that come with being a content creator.

So, if you’re a new or aspiring YouTuber, you may wonder how others do it.

Enter the Google Web Creators YouTube channel, and specific to this news item, Creator Insights, which is a new series that features established content creators. The goal of Creator Insights is to be a source of inspiration and how-to-type information where content creators share how they run their content creation businesses.

Creator Insights‘ first featured creator is Keiko Lynn, who’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Currently, there are 5 Creator Insights videos, all of which feature Keiko. These videos cover:

  1. A behind-the-scenes look
  2. How to maximize your content by working harder, not smarter
  3. How to determine how much you, as an influencer, should charge brands
  4. Tayloring your content to different platforms
  5. Generating traffic with evergreen content

5 videos may not seem like a lot, but it is enough to take action on. And, this series is part of something bigger: the Google Web Creators channel, which has dozens of more videos pertaining to content creation.

By the way, the content creation this channel talks about is not limited to video. Indeed, these lessons can apply to writers and photographers.

Source: Google Web Creators