“Do Anchor Links Negatively Affect My Ability to Rank for Rich Answers/Featured Snippets?” A Googler Answers

What’s your answer? I bet you’re probably right. Here’s why.
SIA Team
August 30, 2021

As of this writing, Google’s most recent Q&A-style webmaster-oriented YouTube video is titled, English Google SEO office-hours from August 27, 2021. These sessions usually feature John Mueller, who’s a Google Search advocate who fields the questions. 

Of the numerous questions that were submitted (or asked by life attendees), one was this (3:58 mark): 

“We’re developing very long content (comprehensive kind of copy) to address a particular search and we were thinking of adding anchor links at the top, kind of like a navigation menu, further down….Do you think that this will have any impact on how we search up…how we show up for quick answers or our ability to rank for those?”

Before I get into John’s response, let’s quickly look at quick answers or rich snippets.

What Are Rich Snippets?

You’ve probably done a search and seen that one of the search results featured a ‘snippet’ of (hopefully) relevant text from a search result. The featured snippet was near the top of the search results page, and prominently displayed, usually with some bolding.

John’s response was:

“I don’t think that would affect anything. I mean, it probably makes it easier for users to get to that content, which is kind of a good thing, but I don’t think it would negatively affect anything from an SEO point of view.”

So, there you have it. Adding anchor links, which are ‘jump links’ that take you further down the same page. Usually, such links are used in a table of contents at the top of an extensively long page. 

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel