Do Special Characters Affect Rank?

Will using special characters in your content affect rank? Are they ok or should you avoid them altogether?
Marie Aquino
December 16, 2021

In a tweet, John Mueller was asked if the use of special characters on a page affect rank. He was asked –  

“Does repetitive use of special characters such as ✓ is recommended or Google will ignore it on serp.”

John responded that it does not affect rank but users might see these special characters.

Previously, Google has said that we should avoid using special characters in the URL, which is actually fair enough as why would you choose to add special characters in your URL?

Aside from that, Google also removes special characters from the title tags, most of the time.

However, with regards to the use of it in the body content, expect no effect – no drop or no increases in rank.

There are some though that uses special characters in their Title tag or their meta description, not mainly for ranking boosts but for CTR.

The special characters provides a break in the textual content in the serps and some believe that this break allows users to look at the search listing and entice them to click more on their result compared to purely textual listings.

Are you one of these? Have you seen any positive effect in using special characters in your Title or Meta description?