Does Consistency Of Publishing Have A Connection With Crawling and Rank?

Have you always thought that consistently publishing content can help you get crawled and rank your site and pages better? Get the real deal from John Mueller.
Marie Aquino
January 12, 2022

In the Google SEO Office Hours hangout last January 7, John Mueller was asked if consistency of publishing content have a connection with rank, if a site that publishes content more often will rank better than a site that publishes less. He was also asked if this will affect the frequency of how Google will crawl the site and the content.

Mueller answered that he does not think consistency of publishing has a connection with rank and that there are a lot of factors that go into ranking.

Being able to crawl and index a site is definitely one of those things, but if it’s about publishing one page a day to one page a week, the ability for them to crawl is trivial.

If it’s millions of pages every day, then sometimes the technical capabilities come into play and crawl budget is a topic.

But if it’s just a couple of pages a day or 1,000 pages a day, even 10,000 pages a day, that’s something that they can usually crawl in a reasonable amount of time.

It is less a matter of being able to crawl it on time, and more of a matter of all the other factors that is used around search.

His answers give us more insight on Google and it’s crawling capabilities. Looks like they can handle crawling up to 10,000 new pages a day for a site, but when it comes to millions a day, then that becomes an issue. Then again, who publishes millions of content a day, anyway?

Have you always wondered if publishing more often will get you a better rank? Have you ever felt pressured with coming out with content regularly cause of the thought that it results in better rank? Now, you have the answer. Looks like it does not matter and looks like it is better to focus on coming out with quality content.

Quality is definitely better than quantity, it seems.