Does Google Have A Preferred Type Of SSL?

Does Google have a preferred type of SSL certificate? Are the different types of SSL important for SEO, or is the free SSL is enough for Google?
Marie Aquino
February 19, 2022

In the Google SEO Office Hours last February 18, a user asked if the different types of SSL is also important for SEO, or if the free SSL is enough.

According to John Mueller, the free SSL is perfectly fine. The different types of SSL certificates are more a matter of preference or what you want to do with the certificate. From the point of view of Google, however, they just watch out for the validity of the certificate.

SSL or TLS certificates are used to authenticate the identity of a site and to create a secure connection between the server and a browser. There are various kinds of SSL certificate options available for use, it all depends on their use and the value proposition offered by each.

There are three main categories of SSL authentication types – Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validation (EV), and Domain Validation (DV). With these three types, there are also unique variations.

Free SSL certificates come with domain validation only. If you prefer more security features and if your business requires more security, it is best to opt for a paid certificate.

For more details on the different types of SSL certificates, you can read more about it here.

The type of certificate to go for mainly depends on your type of site, business, the level of security that you need.

Nevertheless, in Google’s perspective, they are all the same and it looks like they have no preference for any specific type. Just the free certificate is enough, as long as they are valid, which they are.

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