“Does Writing Specific, Comprehensive Articles Build Trust With Google?” Google Responds

When you publish long, authoritative, and comprehensive articles, is it really trust you’re building?
SIA Team
November 2, 2021

During the English Google SEO Office-Hours From October 29, 2021, at around the 26-minute, 18-second mark (queued video below), Google’s John Mueller addressed a question:

“Does writing comprehensive articles covering a specific subject build trust with Google?”

John replied:

“I don't think we have any measure or metric or anything like that where we’d say, ‘You have built trust with Google and you've built that based on writing comprehensive articles.’

“I would see this kind of work as being focused a little bit more on the user side, so:

“Does this build trust with your users? 

“Do users appreciate this kind of content?

“And that that kind of thing, and probably users appreciate that kind of content if you're actually writing something comprehensive and useful for them.

“The important part I think here is really to figure out which users you want to target and to make sure that your content actually speaks in their language.

“You Almost Need to Figure Out Your Users First, and Then Work on Your Content.”

“So, for example, if you have technical content and you write a really detailed technical article about that, if your users are looking for something that is more general or...that explains the basic topics a little bit better, then maybe that highly specialized technical article is not the best thing for them, whereas if your users are really kind of these specialized technical people and they want to find all of this kind of highly technical content, and maybe that is the right match.

“So that's something where you almost need to think about ‘Which users do I want to target and what kind of content are they looking for? How can I write it in a way that matches what they search for and what they would like to find?’ 

“And then, based on that, you can kind of build out your website, so don't just blindly go in and say, ‘Oh, I would like to have my website rank for rental cars; therefore, I will write long comprehensive content on rental cars,’ because probably, that's not what users are looking for. 

“You almost need to figure out your users first, and then work on your content.” 

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Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel