Don’t Have a Blog? Google Suggests You Start One

There are many, many reasons why you should consider starting (or growing) your blog. Here are some of them.
SIA Team
September 29, 2021

Yesterday, on the Google Analytics Twitter channel, there was a tweet asking readers to consider adding a blog. 

That tweet linked to an article on Google Search Central, simply titled, Bloggers. It basically had some tips for bloggers, or thsoe who aspire to start a blog.

You can consider me a blogger (in a sense), as I contribute content to this site. So, with that, I’d like to share some of my own thoughts about blogging. While my thoughts and tips may overlap with Google’s article, I’ll try to offer something unique, so that you have more takeaways.

But first, definitions.

What Is Blogging, and How Is It Different From Content Publishing?

Well, in a way, blogging and content publishing are both similar in the sense that you’re putting something out there–usually something that’s digital. 

From my knowledge, the word blog is actually a shortened form of weblog, or web log. It’s said that the first blog was started in 1994, and blogs, at first, were like an online diary.

Blogging has sort of ‘evolved’ from personal diaries to become platforms for business communication. 

Content publishing, to me, is a bit broader and has a more professional connotation. And, with blogging, you publish content to your blog, with content publishing, you’re not really as restricted to one blog, but rather, can publish to other platforms. 

Blogging Is a Great Way to Enter The Conversation (or Start One)

Depending on your market, your prospect is having a discussion with themself. 

They’re wondering, What do I need to know about X? What variables are worth considering? 

Blogging Can Be a Great Platform for Bringing a Customer Story to Life

People love stories. On your blog, why not tell the story of someone who was once where your prospect is now, struggling or debating a certain issue. 

Then, the character of your story (who can, and should be, a real person) comes across a solution (your product or service), and not only solves what they were struggling or debating, but also becomes a better person.

Blogging, Done Well, Can Help With Your Site’s SEO

That is, if you install a blog on your site (such as in a directory like /blog), and you regularly add content, then you’ll increase the pages of your site. If those pages are of quality, they could boost your overall SEO.

A lot has been written about blogging and SEO, but just know that every blog post can be another chance to rank in the search engines. 

In conclusion, it’s worth considering whether or not you should start a blog (or continue with yours). I have only mentioned 3 reasons why, but there are many more.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel