Google Search & Finding Good Quality Health Info on the Web

Looking for a doctor in your area? Google is doing it’s best to help you find information about health.
SIA Team
December 9, 2021

A few days ago (December 2nd, 2021), The Keyword (One of Google’s blogs) had a US-centric post about finding good-quality health information on the Internet: Making Healthcare Options More Accessible on Search.

The article starts by relaying that Google understands that navigating the US healthcare system can be quite daunting. 

I think we know that Google Search does its best to provide relevant search results and tools. 

That said, here are 3 relatively new, and possibly little-known features that Google implements to help you find the information you need:

  1. On mobile, there’s the ability to check with insurance provider to see what they might accept.
  1. Option to let healthcare providers let prospective patients know which languages their services are provided in.
  1. Healthcare providers have the ability to update their information via their Google Business Profile. 

So, those are 3 ways that Google Search helps people find good-quality health information on the Internet. 

Source: The Keyword