G4: The New Look of Google Analytics

But the newness goes beyond just looks. Here’s an overview of how things have been made better.
SIA Team
August 7, 2021

A relatively new post on Haden Interactive, which was linked to from the Google Analytics Twitter channel, has announced G4, which is a new look and significant changes to Google Analytics. 

From my reading, it seems that Google Analytics has been made more simplified, while more information is available.

That is, the UI (user interface) is less cluttered, but if you know what you want, you can navigate to it, and more easily find more detailed, granular data than you could with the old UI. 

For example, if you know what to look for and how to look for it, more Engagement data can be easily (or more easily) viewed. 

Conversions: A Separate Report/Section of Interest for All Profit-Oriented Businesses

Of course, if you’re using Google Analytics (or any data-gathering platform) for your business, you certainly are interested in your bottom line.

And, you’re interested in the path toward that bottom line: the filling out of a form, going to a certain page, etc.

Depending on how you define them and set them up, each of those (and more) can be conversions (or if you want, micro-conversions), which can be seen as steps a potential customer takes until a sale is made. 

That’s one of the more interesting and insightful things you can do in Analytics.

If there’s one thing I’d encourage you to set up, it’s that. If you do it properly, and effectively measure the statistics that a person takes (from A to Z, basically), you can eventually have enough data to say something like, “For every X visitors I get to my site, we eventually sell $ worth of product.”

Of course, I’m oversimplifying things a bit. It’s a bit of an oversimplification because things like traffic source and the page a person originally lands on are factors to consider, but I think you get what I mean: enough data, viewed properly, can be insightful.

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics in the past and felt overwhelmed, try G4. Take time to get to know it, and you could learn a lot more about your business than you ever did before. 

Source: Haden Interactive