Good News for Dating Businesses: Google Trends Shows Increase in Dating-Related Queries

In 2021, dating is on the rise. What does it mean for dating businesses and restaurant owners?
SIA Team
July 21, 2021

It’s easy to understand why Google Trends has seen a 5-year high in dating-related queries: people have been isolated for the past 16-or-so months, and with vaccination rates increasing and restrictions (hopefully) easing, people are wanting to get out and connect.

It seems reminiscent of the Baby Boom.

What This Means for Dating and Dating-Oriented Businesses

If you’re in any way directly involved in the dating business, particularly if you offer an app or have a site, you’ve probably seen a jump in traffic and usage. Now would be a great time to revive your app: offer new features and improvements.

In fact, there’s one new dating-related feature that’s worth noting: vaccination status. There is an increasing number of users who either state that “I only want to meet someone who has met this health requirement,” and/or who would like an at-a-glance feature where someone’s vaccination status is displayed. (Now, I’m not a lawyer, and this feature may cause some concern, so I urge you to look further into the legalities of this. That said, I don’t see why an individual couldn’t personally state their requirements of who they want to meet.)

If you have a restaurant and you’re creative…can you see the possibilities?

Why not see if you can offer a discount for people dating for the first time? Why not advertise this offer in a dating app or site? (You may be able to target your ads to your local area.)

If you have a niche dating site, why not hone down on your niche? Now’s the time to really capture your share of the increased demand for dating sites.

You can use social media to share what you offer. Pinterest comes to mind, as dating can be visual (no dirty thoughts here). If you have successful users, consider asking their permission so that you can use their images on Pinterest, with the text, “Jane and John met on this app.”

Business looks good for dating-related businesses. It’s up to you to use your creativity to harness this increased search trend.