Google Ads Customer Match, 1st-Party Data, and Privacy-First

With Google Ads’ Customer Match, it’s easier to create closer relationships while still being privacy-safe.
SIA Team
December 6, 2021

Today (December 6th, 2021), there was a tweet about Google Ads Customer match:

As I’ve written about before, in the current landscape of digital marketing, privacy is key. 

That is, adhering to international privacy laws, as well as obeying your own privacy policy, is critical from both a moral and legal perspective. (Granted, I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t give you legal advice.)

The tweet above links to a page about some recent improvements to Customer Match

If you’re not sure what Customer Match is, I think of it as one of Google’s ways of addressing the phasing-out of cookies. While I don’t think it’s an exact replacement for cookies, it is something that can be used to address the data gap that’s left behind.

When I read about Customer Match, I was thinking about what’s known as retargeting. Customer Match is basically a way to derive insights from your audience, and, if my understanding is correct, use those insights as ad variables to create targeted ads. 

Google also has a best-practices guide, titled, Connect With Your Existing Customers and Reach New Ones With Customer Match.

Google Ads Customer Match seems to hold a lot of promise, and is something worth considering. 

Source: Google Ads Twitter channel