“Is Google AMP a Ranking Factor? Should I Switch?”

Google AMP is not a direct ranking factor, but its performance positively correlates with a ranking factor.
SIA Team
November 29, 2021

Is Google AMP a ranking factor?

During a two-question discussion that Google’s John Mueller was having with a participant, John was asked about AMP: 

“Am I wise in converting to AMP pages for everything, or is that a silly move at this point?”

This was asked during the English Google SEO Office-Hours From November 26, 2021, and the video below has been queued to the appropriate time when the question was asked (8 minutes, 31 seconds).

John’s response was:

“I think, in general, that’s fine. AMP is a fairly fast framework. You can also make fast websites outside of AMP. So it’s not something where I would say moving to AMP is a requirement if you want to make a fast website. Depending on the kind of things you have available, sometimes you can make really fast websites even with a standard WordPress installation.

“So that’s one thing to keep in mind. The other thing is the Page Experience update is generally quite a subtle update. It’s not something that would kind of–or shouldn’t–make or break a website. So if you saw a significant drop in traffic from search, I would not assume that it’s purely due to kind of you having a slower website.

“So that’s kind of the one thing there.

“I just want to kind of mention that ahead of time. Because it’s easy to sink a lot of time and money into making a faster website. And sometimes there are bigger problems on a website than just speed.”

So…Is Google’s AMP a Ranking Factor?

So, the way I put it, speed is a ranking factor (albeit, maybe a small one), and AMP pages are usually fast, so there’s a direct correlation there. But as for whether Google’s AMP is a direct ranking factor, as in, if AMP alone will increase your rankings, I’d say no. 

Source:  Google Search Central YouTube channel