Google Analytics (GA) Tweets New Article That Lists 35 Insights You Can Gain From GA

This is probably the best article to read if you want an idea of what Google Analytics offers you.
SIA Team
November 1, 2021

What’s the ROI of the time and effort your team will have to invest if you decide to embark on an analytics journey with Google Analytics?

And…if you’re already using Google Analytics, what else can it do?

If you’ve asked yourself those questions, then I think Michelle Ofiwe’s article, 35 Insights that Google Analytics Can Give You About Your Website, is worth your read. 

As it’s title suggests, it lists a number of insights that you can gain from proper use of Google Analytics. 

Insight 11, which is about acquisition channels, is what the author feels is one of the most important metrics (universally, anyway). Acquisition channels (or, in this case, knowing which channels bring the most acquisitions), are important to know. And of course, it’s good to know which ones are the most successful for you. 

There are 34 other insights you can gain from GA.

And, you can combine GA with other Google services, or a third-party platform like Semrush’s SEO Dashboard.
Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel