Google Announces New Tools in Display & Video 360

If you’re a media agency manager, these tools can save up to 56% of your time.
SIA Team
August 6, 2021

One of Google’s most recent blog posts, titled New tools to manage publisher deals in Display & Video 360, announced a few new tools that should really pique the interest of anyone who heavily uses publisher deals in Display & Video 360.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Display & Video 360, you’re probably aware that managing deals with individual publishers can be time-consuming. 

Before today, if you had a negotiated deal you wanted to use across different partner accounts, you’d have to go into Display & Video 360 and create that deal in various partner accounts, one at a time. 

Now, however, you can create one deal, and then distribute those impressions across different publishers and partners. Azriel Chan, Head of Platform & Capabilities, OMG NZ, is quoted as saying that with these tools, “we are able to save up to 56% of time in our day.”

That’s significant, but not all there is. 

Users can also save time with the different brands they may work with. 

For example, different brands can be bundled, and access can be given to partners and advertisers. 

For more information, visit the original blog post by clicking here.

Source: The Keyword Google blog