Google Confirms Ads and Analytics Reporting Bug

An ongoing issue affecting how data is reported is affecting Google Ads and Analytics.
SIA Team
July 16, 2022

Google confirms that there is a bug affecting Ads and Analytics reporting. The problem is still ongoing, and there is no word on when it will be resolved.

At 1:48 p.m., Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin confirmed the bug. On July 15, Eastern time, there had been service disruptions reported for the following services at the time this article was published; AdMob, AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Display & Video 360, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Search Ads 360.

When reviewing their Ads and Analytics reports, users who are affected by the bug will see either no or incorrect data. Marvin says there is no current update on the timeline in response to his question about when the problem will be resolved.

Users can, however, monitor the situation via the Google Ads status dashboard.

The full scope of the disruption is unknown, but it appears to be limited to reporting, implying that Google Ads campaigns are still active but data collection is hampered.