Google Content Creator Offers Tips on Authenticity and Content Creation

If you’re a “heart-centered” person who wants to get to the heart of things, this 6-minute video may be of interest.
SIA Team
September 1, 2021

If you’re a creative person–a writer, content creator, musician, etc.–then you probably know about the sanctity of ‘getting real.’ 

You don’t like to be fake or insincere. 

In fact, for some, finding authenticity may be a step you take before you start creating your content. It’s important. If you’re not coming from a place of authenticity, and if you’re not prepared, the content you create may not feel ‘real.’

Yesterday (August 31st, 2021), Google’s Web Creators Twitter channel had a tweet about confidence and authenticity.

That tweet linked to a YouTube video from Andi Eaton (@ouiwegirl), who’s a Traveling Creative Director & Consultant. 

The video is broken down into 6 segments.

One: Introduction

The video begins with Andi mentioning a stat: 10% of web-based businesses succeed in the first 6 months. She goes on to assert that it’s time to increase that success rate (with an animated bar showing 99%). 

Two: Finding Your Confidence

You need confidence, which is hard to define. Andi says it’s a byproduct of “living in alignment with your highest, most authentic values.” 

(Personally, I think competence is more important than confidence, but yes, a healthy confidence can be helpful.)

Three: The Values Elements

This is simple: do what your values move you to do, and use that to drive you to success. 

You may have noticed this in your life: when you live in alignment with your higher values, you’re able to push further and see things through to the end.

The same applies here.

Four: The Values Elements Exercise

This involves answering a few questions. It’s probably a good idea to get a journal and spend some time reflecting and answering these from the heart. These questions will help you find your values elements. 

Five: The Values Elements Detox

This section (which, in my opinion, isn’t quite lined up with the time stamp in the video) shows a process that involves discovering things that don’t match your values.

Six: Share Your Values Elements (In The Comments Section on YouTube)

Share your results in the video’s comments (on YouTube)

If you want to live and create content from a place of authenticity, try these exercises. Perhaps consider adopting them in your routine.

Source: Google Web Creators Twitter channel