Google Fixes Site Name Issues

Google rolls out a fix to solve the issue with their use of inaccurate, inappropriate, or wrong site names in the search results.
Marie Aquino
April 27, 2023

Are you one of those who have been experiencing issues with Google choosing the wrong site name to display in the search results? Looks like Google has worked on a fix for it and it is currently rolling out.

Earlier, John Mueller posted a webform asking for user feedback about site names that were different than expected, in order for them to collect the data and forward them to the engineers for system improvement.  

A couple of days after that, Danny Sullivan posted an update on the issue in the Google Support form and said that they have rolled out a change that seems to be helping with some of the cases reported (and some others that weren’t reported), and how the change may take time to populate so that internal pages also reflect the updated site names.

While it did resolve some issue for some, there are still some that have reported that the issue still persists. Perhaps it’s not yet finished rolling out and we just have to wait and see if this finally resolves the site name issues.

Now, we wonder if they will also work on the issue with their use of different descriptions than what we set in the meta-description for our pages.