Google Give Tips on How to Drive Offline sales with Online Ads

Online interactions of the company can lead to in-person interactions with customers at merchant’s local stores or other physical sites.
SIA Team
September 14, 2022

Google released tips that will help merchants to improve their online ads and make them more effective so that they increase foot traffic to their stores and revenue for the company.

According to Google in their recent blog post, there are four things to consider to increase presence; build merchant’s digital storefront, measure the offline value of merchant’s online ads, use an omnichannel strategy to grow online and offline sales, and showcase merchant’s nearby stores to increase in-store sales.

Google said that one of the important things to consider is to make the merchant’s company visible on Google, they should connect with clients by creating a business profile on Google Maps and Search.

“Stand out when people search for your business, products, or services. Getting your business on Google is the essential first step towards driving and measuring visits to your stores,” Google said. 

Also, to measure the offline value of a merchant’s online ads, their Google advertising does more than just encourage website visitors to click and buy, they should recognize the value their online ads generate for their business offline.

“Getting the full picture of how your ads drive impact across channels is important to refine campaigns, make budgeting decisions, and inform your overall business strategy,” Google said. 

Meanwhile, for the greatest return from both online and offline conversions, Google said to use an omnichannel strategy which means optimizing their efforts.

“Make the most of your marketing investment and grow revenue for your stores, whether customers ultimately purchase online or in-store,” Google said.

However, when nearby customers search, browse or navigate on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network, Google said to highlight merchant’s locations and communicate their store information, company offerings, promotions, and more to them.

“Machine learning makes it easier and more efficient to promote your physical business locations at scale across Google properties. It can help you reach customers throughout their purchase journey and optimize for those who are most likely to visit your business,” Google said.