Google Is Experimenting With New Featured Snippet Layouts

Your CTR and conversions from Google Search may suffer if Google begins to display two or more featured snippets.
SIA Team
June 20, 2022

Google has been testing new formats, layouts, and interfaces for its featured snippet slot in search results recently. Google typically displays a single source for a featured snippet, but since 2018, Google has displayed multifaceted featured snippets for some queries.

Google is experimenting with displaying multiple featured snippets, more than once, more than two – but up to four distinct featured snippets. 

In most cases, Google will display a single site or source for a featured snippet. However, when Google begins to display two or more sources in the featured snippet position – the “position zero” location – the value of that position for site owners and SEOs changes.

These interface tests are worth keeping an eye on because the featured snippet position is one that most SEOs and site owners strive for. Changing the design and displaying more than one featured snippet can all have an impact on your click-through rate for that position, and thus your traffic and conversions from Google Search.

Here are some tests spotted on Twitter by William Alvarez and Brodie Clark that demonstrate this in action.

William Alvarez Tweet
Brodie Clark Tweet